Lost Horizons Art & The art of teaching | Cranebrook High school | wyndham college | 1997-2020

The header image is the one I made in 1999 to teach myself Adobe Photoshop.

Prior to embarking on a career in teaching, the world of art-making was my permanent home. I did my Undergraduate (4yr) & Post Graduate (Scholarship) at the Canberra School of Art under artists such as Janenne Eaton, Dennis Trew, Jan Brown, Bernard Hardy, Christopher Croft, Martin KIng, Tim Rowston, Dianne Fogwell and Petr Herel.

Before teaching
  • 1984 “Head Space” MCAE, Bathurst, NSW, Au
  • 1985 “National Student Art Awards”, MCAE, Bathurst, NSW, Au
  • 1987 “Works in Progress” Photo Space, Canberra, ACT, AU
  • “The Word” Arts Council Gallery, Canberra, ACT, AU
  • 1988“Selected Works | Artist Books” Foyer Gallery, Institute of the Arts, Canberra, ACT, AU
  • 1990 “Lasting Moment” Australian National Gallery, Drill Hall, Canberra, ACT, AU
  • "Petr Herel and Son Atelier D’Investigation Graphique”, Institute D’Arts Visuels Orleans, France
  • 1992 “Fragile Object”, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, AU
  • “An Exhibition of Artist Books”, Australia Print Council Workshop, Melbourne, VIC, AU
  • “The Book Project”, National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT, AU
  • 1993 “Monash University Studio Series” National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, AU
  • “Solaris” | Gary Poulton / Maria Stukoff, Australian National Gallery Drill Hall, Canberra, ACT, AU
  • 2001, “Fragile Object 2”, National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT, AU


  • Menzies Library ANU
  • Queensland State Library | Australian Library of Art | Collaborations
  • Australian National Library | iPhonography Vol 2 | Analogue Dreaming
  • Art Gallery of NSW (see Traversare)

Publications / Reviews

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The Teaching Years 1997 - 2020

The inclusion, in this little story, of exhibition information is by way of demonstrating what was significant in the development of a professional practice that fed back into my teaching in those areas and contributed, I believe, to improved student confidence & outcomes.

23 years of teaching. Unreservedly, one of the most productive time of my life and one in which beyond any doubt, so much was learned that would not have been otherwise. There are many people to thank and some that I'll miss mentioning for sure. This is not intended as an extensive narrative but a sort of hit point broadside to highlight some of the things that developed my teaching and heightened my awareness of what students needed from me and facilitated that growth.

1997-2007 Cranebrook High School

I'd been working at Cranebrook High School for about two years when my then Head Teacher, Garry Kemp, passed me two discs (Adobe Photoshop 5 + Adobe Illustrator) one day in the staff room and said "I'd like to get a Design course up and running, do you think you can learn to use these" At that stage Microsoft Word was still a mystery to me and I'd just acquired a PC so I thought why not give it a go, I don't know anything about software, so I'll be no worse off if I can't figure it out. It was the beginning of a long journey that led to experiences, well beyond me at that point, to imagine.

A lot of Cranebrook was about survival in what was effectively a war zone, but I was in a great faculty with a Head of Dept, who knew how to draw the best out of both his staff and students. In short, however I got to wherever I am today as an educator, I owe it pretty much to my time under Kempy's watchful eye. It was Garry Kemp who taught me one his great lessons “ make sure your students understand what you’re asking them to do” In that lay the key to making the difficult, simple and the complex, straightforward. I’ve carried it to this very day.

Along with Photoshop and Illustrator, in my time at Cranebrook I learned to use CGI software such as Terragen, World Machine and Mojo to generate and render procedural and fractal landscapes and taught students to use Terragen and World Machine to generate procedural landscapes.

Fractal based landscape render using Mojoworld
  • Yr7 - Yr8 Advisor 2000-2001
  • Art Across the Middle' Workshop facilitator 2004 / 2005 / 2006. A big thank you to Jenni Trezise who facilitated my involvement in these projects.
Procedural landscape
Art Across the Middle 2005 | Some examples from the 'Environmental Art' Workshop (Years 5,6,7,8)
2007 Wyndham College
  • Transferred to Wyndham College
  • Wyndham Website V1
  • Wyndham Yearbook DVD
  • Initiated the Rewire Project
  • Launched Rewired-Now
  • Launched Rewired-Photo
2007 Yearbook DVD
  • Wyndham Website V2
  • Wyndham Yearbook DVD
2008 Yearbook DVD
Anke Vermeulan | Armory Gallery ‘This is how you disappear‘
  • DER Working group Western Sydney 2009-2011
  • Recommended by DET as a candidate for AEL program
  • Published | ‘Side by side’ “Blogging for Education” Victoria Nikulin
  • Published | 'Click' “A technology guide for parents” & Victoria Nikulin “Using technology to nurture creativity”
  • Wyndham Website V3
  • Launched R.E.W.I.R.E.D | A resource site for Gary's Stage 6, Visual Art, Design and Photography students @ Wyndham College
  • Launched REWIREDART. | A resource site for art teachers.
Note: The current R.E.W.I.R.E.D site is undergoing an archiving and re-purposing process and does not reflect the site as it was when used by students at Wyndham College.
  • 2010 - 2011 Western Sydney Region Curriculum Innovators Program
  • Semi Finalist | Moran Contemporary Photography Prize 2010
  • Finalist | NSW Parliamentary Plein Aire Photography Awards 2010
  • Exhibited @ NSW Parliament House
  • Documentation of ArtExpress selected works for gallery catalogs.
  • Published | “Art for Parents” Kim Cotton @ Click
  • Exhibited @ Digital Fringe Melbourne
  • Exhibited @ Napoli Film Festival, Italy

Exhibited | “Hipstamatics” @ Orange Dot Gallery London

2011 IPPAWARDS Category Winner in 2 sections

Hannah Klomp 'The Power of Conformity' Art Express 2011
  • Documentation of ArtExpress | Selected Works for Gallery Catalogs.
  • 1st Plone CM Website for Wyndham College
  • Endured a gruelling 2 hour phone interview with Brian Chau from Adobe as part of the admission process into the AEL program.
  • Inducted as an Adobe Education Leader
  • 2012 IPPAWARDS 3x Honourable mentions in two categories.
  • Exhibited @ Art Takes Times Square NY
  • Invited to judge at the 2013 CODIE Awards for the Software and Information Industry Association.
  • Exhibited | AddOn @ HeadOn Photo Festival, Mary Place, Paddington
  • Launched StageSix (Visual Art HSC theory site)
  • Adobe Asia Pacific Education Leadership Forum
  • 2013 IPPAWARDS 3x Honourable mentions
  • Exhibited @ Scope Miami Beach
  • Exhibited | "Story of the Creative" NYC Gallery, New York
  • Exhibited | 2013 AddOn @ HeadOn Photo Festival
  • Invited to work on Project Luca 2014.
  • 2 x self published books included in the National Library Trove Collection
  • APAC
  • Published in 'Dreamhouse'
Featuring photography by: Adam Revington Alice LaComte Andrew Schroer Anton Novoselov Artem Kolesnikov Avard Woolaver Barry Falk black opal 2005 Blackstation David Olsson Delay Tactics Denis Cherim Dimas Veodovato Douwe Dijkstra Gabriel Green Gary Poulton Heitor Magno Jacob Price Jan Zimmerman Jonathan Kos-Read Juan D Quintero Katie Bauer Kaometet Larrend Lacuesta Laurence Philomene Oliver Luca Norbiato Malte Wandel Maria Luisa Corapi Maykel Lima Minno Ramirez Terron Miroslava Brooks Natalie Kirk Patrick Warner Philippe Conquet Rebecca Risjdijk Silvia Grav Tim Schreier tekktoo
Nadia Krygsman | ArtExpress 2013 (Sculpture)
Clare Molnar | ArtExpress 2013 (Photomedia)
Wail Rudwan | ArtExpress 2103 (Photomedia)
Divya Kerai | ArtExpress 2013 'Holi' | (Time based forms)
  • 2014 IPPAWARDS 6 x Honourable mentions in 3 categories.
  • Exhibited @ Scope New York

Exhibited: Sketchbook Project US Tour

Exhibited: "50 Treasures of the ANU Library" Canberra ACT

2014 AddOn @ HeadOn Photo Festival

  • Presented at “Best Practice in NSW Schools 7-12” on behalf of DET
  • Presented at Human Rights Commission “Human Rights in Education” (in the presence of Gillian Triggs) “Against the tide / Opportunity in a time of indifference”
  • APAC 2014

Noted Australian book designer Sandy Cull chose an image of mine for the cover wrap for Kari Gislason’s book “The Ash Burner”

Maleeha Ashrad | ArtExpress 2014 'Sanctuary' (Photomedia)
  • 2015 IPPAWARDS 3 x Honourable Mentions
  • 2015 Exhibited | AddOn @ HeadOn Photo Festival
  • Presented at Adobe in Education Professional Learning event
  • Consultant @ “Using new technologies to enable students to easily create content”. Microsoft Deep Dive Consultative Workshop @ Information Technology Directorate. Steven Worrall, CEO Microsoft Australia.
  • Published 'Visual Design Course Overview' on iTunes Store
  • APAC 2015
Yazmin Chimantal-Patel “Coded Exit” McGlade Art Gallery MCU
  • Exhibited | AddOn @ Festival Hub Central, Level 3, Central Park, 28 Broadway, Chippendale
  • Presented x 2 @ Interact ITD 2016 ‘Technology for Inclusion Conference’ @ Information Technology Directorate.
  • New Plone Website for Wyndham College
  • Content creation for rebranding of Adobe Slate to Adobe Spark website promotions.
  • Published 'Preliminary Photography Course Overview' on iTunes Store
  • APAC 2016
Madeleine Tuynman “Near the You Yang Garden – A Homage to Fred Williams”
  • Exhibited | AddOn @ HeadOn Photo Festival @ Festival Hub Paddington, Paddington Town Hall, 249 Oxford Street.
  • Final Plone Website for Wyndham College
  • APAC 2017
Jemmah McMaster | ArtExpress 2017 | AGNSW
Sally Clark | ArtExpress 2017 | Armory Gallery Olympic Park
2018 - 20

Exhibited | 2018 AddOn @ HeadOn Photo Festival

Exhibited | 2019 AddOn @ HeadOn Photo festival @ '541 Artspace' 541 Kent St, Sydney , NSW

Exhibited @ Gaffa Gallery, August 2019
  • APAC 2018
  • APAC 2019
  • APAC 2020
HSC Marking Written & Practical 2006-2019
ArtExpress 2008 - 2017

It was my good fortune over the years to work with so many talented students. They brought out the best in me in terms of both teaching and drawing out their individual talents and strengths.

  • 2008 Anke Vermeulan | 'This is how you disappear'
  • 2011 Hannah Klomp | 'The Force of Conformity'
  • 2011 Ryan Cox | Hazelhurst Regional Gallery
  • 2013 Nadia Krygsman | 'The Undefined Cure'
  • 2013 Clare Molnar | 'Beautiful Thoughts'
  • 2013 Wail Rudwan | 'Self & Zone'
  • 2013 Divya Kerai | 'Holi'
  • 2014 Maleeha Ashrad | 'Sanctuary'
  • 2016 Madeleine Tuynman “Near the You Yang Garden – A Homage to Fred Williams”
  • 2016 Yazmin Chimanlal-Patel “Coded Exit”
  • 2017 Jemmah McMaster “Girl Factory”
  • 2017 Sally Clark “Of Dreams and Water”

2020 Exhibited | AddOn @ HeadOn Photo Festival | Online

AddOn 2020 Virtual Exhibition.
Thank you
  • Garry Kemp (HT CAPA Cranebrook HS Retired)
  • Jenni Trezise | Regional Arts CoOrdinator Western Sydney
  • William Lui (DoE)
  • Anna Mascallero (Adobe)
  • Brian Chau (Senior Solution Consultant Adobe, ANZ)
  • Anne Russell (Digital Marketing Manager Adobe ANZ)
  • Remy Mansfield (Adobe Education Programs CoOrdinator | Project Luca, Adobe Slate)
  • Ben Forta (Senior Director Education Initiatives Adobe)
  • Tracy Towbridge (Adobe Global Education Lead | Adobe Slate)
  • Kim Cotton (DoE)
  • Victoria Nikulin (DoE)
  • Catherine Seal (DoE)
  • Ashley Hill (HRC)
  • Ron Pratt (HT CAPA Wyndham College)
  • Ian Wing (DoE)
  • Prue Rowston (HT CAPA Nepean Performing Arts HS)
  • Karen Smith (Principal Wyndham College)
  • Tim Kitchen (Senior Education Specialist Adobe Asia Pacific)
  • Matt Niemitz (Senior Product Manager Adobe Education Exchange)
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Gary Poulton