Google, Edmodo, & You How-To Videos

The following videos will show you the steps you need to take to integrate Google Drive and Edmodo seamlessly into our classroom. Each platform offers features that will enhance your experience at Harding Charter Prep High School. After each video follow the instructions. Play around with the features of each. The more familiar you become the easier this year will be.

Google Account Creation

With a Google Account, you can access Gmail, YouTube, and other Google services with a single username and password.

  1. Visit the Account Creation page.
  2. Fill in the requested information and submit.

Google Drive

How to choose sharing options: Edit, Comment, and View

When you choose to share a document through Google Docs, you get to decide how much access that person has to your document. Typically you can choose up to three different options for the level of access you give. The access you choose will depend why you are sharing the document with the person.

Can edit - If you choose this option, then the other person is able to make changes to the document. This is good for group work, where several people are collaborating on the project. This can also be a good match when turning in an assignment to a teacher, if the teacher needs to be able to mark up the document in detail.

Can comment - If you choose this, then the other person will not be able to edit the document, but they will be able to leave comments in the document. These comments will not print out with the document, but will be visible on screen. This is useful for peer review, such as when a student needs another student to read their work and leave comments on it. This is also a good fit when turning in an assignment to a teacher, if the teacher just needs to leave feedback and grading information as comments.

Can view - If you choose this option, then the other person is only able to view the document. This is good for material that simply needs to be read (handouts, syllabi, sample work, etc.) or for documents that will serve as templates, where the user will make a copy of the document that they can modify as their own.

More about Google Drive

Edmodo Set-up

If you have never created an Edmodo Account, you can create a new Student Account by following the steps below:

  1. Obtain a 6-digit Group Code from your teacher.
  2. Go to and click "I'm a Student."
  3. Fill out the registration form with the Group Code, a unique username, and password. An email address is not required to sign up for a Student Account.
  4. Select the “Sign up” button to complete the sign up process.

If your Group code is unlocked, you will then see the Group your teacher created in the left side panel of your account. If your Group code is locked, then you will be placed into an approval queue and you will be added to the Group when your Teacher approves your Group Join Request.

Note: You only need one Student Account to join all your Groups!

Link Your Google Drive to Your Backpack

If your teacher is sharing Google Drive files with you or you want to access your own Google Drive files on Edmodo, you can link your Google Drive to your Backpack by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Edmodo Account.
  2. Click on “Backpack” icon backpack.png in the top toolbar.
  3. Click the “Google Drive” button on the left side panel and click the "Connect with Google Drive" button.
  4. You will be prompted to sign in to your Google Drive account.
  5. Select the “Allow Access” button when prompted about giving Edmodo permission to access your Google Drive account.

Turning in Assignments

Once you have completed your Assignment, you can turn it in by following the steps below:

  1. Click the "Filter posts by" link at the top right of your "Latest Posts" area and choose Assignments to find the Assignment.
  2. Locate the Assignment Post and click the “Turn in” button on the Assignment.
  3. Type a message in the text box and attach any files, links, or items from your Backpack.
  4. Click on “Turn in Assignment."
  5. After you have turned in an Assignment and your teacher has graded it, you can view your grade.

Note: If you need to resubmit an Assignment, you can do so only if your teacher allows this. Once your teacher has graded the Assignment, you are unable to resubmit the Assignment, unless the teacher clears the grade first.

Integration assignment

Click the "Assignment" button to complete your first task for this course


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