Students Need Sleep

A major problem in the high school education system is the starting times for class in the morning. The first classes begin too early for teenagers to learn the best they can. The students grades are affected as well as their physical and mental state when the right amount of sleep is not achieved.

High schools have many students who sleep during morning classes because they were not able to get enough sleep during the night. These students are unable to focus in class because they are trying to catch up on their sleep. A low percentage of students get the right amount of sleep during the night.
Teenagers wake up at 6:00 to get ready for high school. Walking into school in the morning is dark. After lunch, students are ready to take their mid day nap. Teenagers pay the price of grades because of the sleep deficiency they experience. Teenagers do not need to go to school when it is still dark outside.
Changing the starting time will allow students to enter school when it is sunny outside. The teenagers will be awake, energetic, and social. School might have to end later in the day; however, starting at a later time will make the students more prepared for school.

Students will have smiles on their faces.

They will pay attention in class.

Grades will improve.

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