Day in the life of yearbook photos by: ASHLEY REKITZKE, Crown point hs

Working together to fix a spread Kylee Hoot and Sophie Amick evaluate their past yearbook spread. Sophie is a student life editor for her school's yearbook.“This is my first year as an editor so I’m going through and individually editing to help me learn the editing process,” Amick said.

Yearbook student, Hollynd Givens looks through one of many books to get ideas for her portfolio. Hollynd is an co-editor on her school's yearbook. “I was looking for ideas for our book for next year and make it more interactive and interesting than past books,” Givens said.
Yearbooks that can inspire ideas for students.
Janet McKinney gives suggestions to improve Kylee Hoot’s personal portfolios. McKinney has been working at HSJI for 26 years as a yearbook coordinator. “Janet went through and revised our writing to help me be a good editor, I was asking her questions about what certain marks that she made,” Hoot said.
Leaning in, Molly Murphy peer edits Daniella Castaneda’s personal portfolio. Castaneda and Murphy both go to Merrillville High School and are co-editors. “It’s really cool that being from Merrillville that we get to come to IU. We had the opportunity to work with experienced journalists and improve our skills to bring back to our staff,” Murphy said.
Giving instructions, Janet McKinney tells her students on where to sign up for conferences to discuss their personal portfolios. Janet has been married for 42 years and has retired from being a teacher after being one for 41 years. ”Meeting with yearbook journalists to perfect ideas and designs for their theme development portfolios challenges me to stay current with the latest design trends for yearbook productions,” McKinney said.
Students collaborate to exchange ideas.

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