clothing brand research created by courtney witt


adidas shoes were created in 1924 by Adolf Dassler. They were originally created for athletes in the Olympics, but their famous representatives and efficient design made their popularity quickly escalate. They now have over 1000 distribution homes in over 67 different countries globally. The average price for a pair of adidas shoes is $56.60.

an example of women's adidas shoes
an example of men's adidas shoes


Gildan was created in 1984 by Glenn and Greg Chamandy. It's based in Canada and sells activewear and t-shirts. One interesting fact about this company is that they have a campaign called "I Support...Charity", where every year they donate thousands of dollars to local charities. The average price for a shirt is $15.

an example of men's and women's shirts by Gildan


Phil Knight founded Nike, originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, in January of 1964. It diffused hierarchically through promotion of professional athletes and its catchy slogan, "Just Do It." The average cost for shoes is $100.

an example of men's Nike tennis shoes
an example of women's Nike tennis shoes

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