The Secret Behind Marvel By: Samantha Botkin

Week One: 2/24/17

This is my first week researching about Marvel's past. The goal for this week is to find some new information that I didn't know about the Marvel productions. My topic is about the mysteries behind Marvel. When I was researching I found that it was that they leave many hidden messages in Marvel movies. An example of this is Stan Lee one of the creators makes a small cameo in almost every modern-day Marvel movie. Lee has made 14 live appearances and 2 in pictures. In Iron Man, They had shown in the background War-Machine's armor hinting he would make his appearance soon. I had accomplished my goal of finding information on hidden messages on Marvel.

Week Two: 3/3/17

This is my second week of research, and I plan to find a backstory on a famous superhero. My goal for is to find something new that I did not know about the well known superhero, Captain America. Something that stood out to me when I was researching was that Captain America's Super-Solider formula had not only increased his fighting abilities but also his intelligence. I found this on information on the Marvel Universe Wiki. I had accomplished my goal for this week.

Week 3: 3/10/17

This is my third week of research, and I plan to find out more about the creators of Marvel. My goal for this is to find something that most people might not know about the Marvel creators. Something that stood out was that Stan Lee had an idea and told it to Jack Kirby who had done most of the other work. In the beginning of the Marvel's Fantastic Four Series it said "written by Stan Lee, drawn by Jack Kirby". There has been a controversy over who had came up with the ideas for the comics, who drew them and even who had written the dialogue in the comics. Next week I plan to find out more secrets that people never knew about a famous superhero.

Week 4: 3/17/17

This is my fourth week of research, and I plan to find more unknowns on a famous superhero. Something interesting I learned about Iron Man original suit was a bulky gray suit, but they had changed it to the golden version in the the second story. In December of 1963, it was finally redesigned to the red and golden that is shown today in the movies. When they were casting of the 2008 film of Iron Man, they had considered Tom Cruise for the part of Iron Man but since he didn't like the script so they gave the part of Robert Downey Jr. Next week I plan to find more unknown secrets about another well known superhero.

Week 5: 3/24/17

This is my fifth week of research, and I'm going to be researching about Black Widow. My goal for this is to find something new and intriguing about this character. Something I learned from this website was that the Black Widow had been born in 1928 and she had fought in World War II. Also I learned that she was biologically enhanced just like her fellow superhero, Captain America. Black Widow's serum was very similar to Captain America's super solider serum. The only difference is she is resistant to aging or catching a disease. This explain why she had been alive for multiple years. I have accomplished my goal of finding information that I never new about Black Widow.

Week 6: 3/31/17

This is my 6th week of research I visited the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. in Las Vegas, Nevada

Week 7:4/14/17


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