Non- Fiction By: KAylei Hurst

Non- Fiction is text based on facts and information.

Text Features

Some text features of non- fiction is a glossary, contents, photographs, diagrams, index, table, and captions.


There is different types of non- fiction, such as persuasion, instruction, explanation, and argument. When writing non- fiction of any type you have to be careful no to list an opinion otherwise it would just be considered your opinion and not a non- fiction writing.


When you read non- fiction you should be learning new things, information.

Deference between Fiction and Non- Fiction

There is some deference between fiction and non- fiction. One, example is in fiction there is a beginning, middle, and end, but in non- fiction there is a table of contents to help the reader find exactly what information they are looking for. Another example is in fiction there is illustrations, but in non- fiction there is photos, charts, and graphs.


Non- fiction may reflect on historical events of a time period, some historical non- fiction book may have timelines listed.

Real People

Non- Fiction can be about real people and the events that happened in their life, one example is biography.


Another example of non- fiction people read everyday are newspaper and magazine.

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