Dionysus's petting zoo by haley jones

We have all kind of fun animals for little kids like leopard, goat, donkey, lion, serpent, wild bull. So stop by and let us know if you want a child's birthday party and we will book one for you.

Dionysus is the boss of the business
Dionysus's parents are the workers of the petting zoo they bring the animals to your home.
To go to ask for a birthday party you have to come to Mount Olympus.
His wife Ariadne is he person who helps him run the business.
His 20 children are some of the workers too.
Dionysus doesn't have any sacred plants so he would not have any plants if you don't want a animal there.
All his sacred animals are leopard, goat, donkey, lion, serpent, and a wild bull.
Dionysus is the god of ivy so he will wear ivy when he comes to the parties to check on the animals.

So if you would like come ask Dionysus to have a birthday party and he will let you have one you just have to book the party!


Created with images by CarbonNYC [in SF!] - "Gallop" • DNAMichaud - "Geoffrey and the Pony" • Charles D P Miller - "Leopard" • www.metaphoricalplatypus.com - "Goat" • glen edelson - "Donkey" • angela n. - "Lions" • skeeze - "prairie rattlesnake viper poisonous" • Rennett Stowe - "Forest Elk"

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