Josh cocking

Embarrassing Moment:

date 8/3/2017

double Double toil and trouble fire bure and cauldren bubble one kiwis beak and a deer's feet, two sheep ears and a kakapo feather, 1 duck wing and a bees sting, 2 goat horns and a goeses horn, 1 tanihaw tooth and blackberry thorn but them togther and it will distory

I just had to do it that day. I was in year 1 and nobody was playing with me. Hatred had taken over my body as if everybody had just killed my best friend. My face went red hot with anger and armed myself and ready to shoot. Fire! I started yelling and crying were everyone could see it. This kid start to tease me.

I started to tease him back saying he was the one who pooed his pants in classroom. I knew that he wanted to start a fight so I ran away crying and I took some anger with me because I wanted revenge.the world

it was one of those days when nothing would happen it was so peaceful and so quiet then the horror movie started I heard a bark then I looked down the hill and I almost pasted out there was my dog chasseing sheep so I sprinted to my motocross bike and zoomed down the drive way and when I got down there I found out that my dog had bitten into the sheep neck and I did no what to do.

dead survival

This a story about two men who are in the us SAS and have been on dangerous missions around the world there names are Jim and Joe. A story starts when Jim and Joe go on holiday to Fiji and there plane are shot down on to a remote island by terrorists. Joe and Jim will have to survive to get through this

Chapter 1. Joe and Jim were best friends they both have a Mohawk and wear Nike jackets and league shorts. They work together in the us sas and they have been in some life threatening missions. One day there general said they have done so well in them missions they get two tickets to Fiji. When they were on the plane to Fiji the plane was shot down onto a remote island in the south pacific. All the passengers died but Joe and Jim survived. They both had ripped cloths and one thing they needed a survival kit filled with food and weapons and a first aid kit and every thing

Chapter 2.In the survival kit there was two ak47s 2 hunting knifes and 10 months of food supplies. Joe was hunting for food, the animals there are deer, beers and pigs this island was unknown to the world and it was the size of New Zealand. When Joe was walking through beer territory, a bear jumped out and started attacking Joe the beer was monster it had knifes in its back from its victims and its face had scars all over it. Joe jumped at the bear but the beer twisted Joe’s ankle. The bear was about to kill Joe then Jim jumped out with his ak47 had Joe shouted “safety off! “In a few minutes, the bear was dead.

Chapter 3. A few days later Joes ankle was better and they decided to go back to the plane wreckage to see if they can salvage something. There was body’s everywhere it was and a bloody sight. Under the wing of the plane there was a box a meatal one they opened it and they were saved. It was a flare gun and 15 flares. They ran miles with their weapons and they came to a beach Jim fired a flare and nothing then another one then. A rescue helicopter had their head light on them and they landed. They were saved.

Born in New Zealand in 2006 josh cocking was the second oldest in his hole inter family including cousins and has a hobbies that does 4x4ing, fishing, hunting, and bush walking. Josh wanted to write this book because he likes adventure stuff so he writes this book.

What happens if you are shot down in the middle of the south pacific by terrorists? When Jim and Joe were shot down all they had was each other a survival kit and Mother Nature. Will Jim and Joe survive and see the United States of America again or will they die in the middle of the wilderness.

Brian flaker

Brain flaker was born in 1962 in New Zealand. We was raids in Auckland until he was five and then grew up in the south island. He has one brother and two sisters. He was a candidate to be the prime minister in Ireland in 1975. When he was 26, he married a woman named Ann flaker and they have one kid named rex.

He went too studied at the University of Auckland to studied cancer, technology because he wanted to find a way to heal cancer with technology. He played an act in the university production the wizard of oz. he is an award winning website maker. His best book is called world at war with aliens. It is about some people how join the army and fight against aliens.


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