Little Big History Project BY: Jackson Wagner


The bow was the first mechanical device that could beat projectiles thrown by hand, and it was the best weapon humans had during horse-mounted combat—all the way up until the revolving pistol. It was a big step in the weapon development and it started the revolution of hunting for animals and played a big role in the outcome of wars

This picture is showing how Indians used the bow to hunt bison for food

Construction of the Bow

The bow started out with wooded limbs, intestine string, wood arrows, and stone broad heads and through out history humans made the bow stronger, faster, and easier to pull back, now the bow has carbon fiber for its limbs, aluminum arrows, highly pressurized string, and steel broad heads. All these new accessories makes the bow better all round and made it have advantages on what you are using it for. In order for the bow to be made supplies like rock and wood had to be found and they needed to be perfect in order to be chiseled down to a sharp edge so not every branch/rock would work.

Parts on a compound bow
Parts on an early bow

Societies and Field of studies

Archery was first started in South Africa about 64,000 years ago. It latter spread-ed to India, Australia, all over Asia, and Europe. From there it took off all over the world and now is a big sport that is used by many people. When people get curious about the history of archery they go to Africa to study ancient broad heads and the history of archery and these people are called archaeology and anthropology. Archaeologist study human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts so this would fit perfect with finding broad heads and studding them on how they were used and sharpened. Anthropologist study the culture and development of humans and this fits with archery because when they look back on how humans used bows this is the type of study they would use to find information.

Ancient broad heads that were founds by archaeologist

How Archery Connects with Thresholds

The threshold that fits best with archery would be #6-collective learning, this threshold fits good with archery because through out history the bow has been changing to get better and better and when humans make things better than what they were its called collective learning.Threshold #8-Modern Revolution is the second best fit because before the bow humans used swords and spears to hunt animals but then they made the bow which was way better than any sword or spear for hunting. Threshold #7-Agriculture is the 3rd best fit and the reason is because before agriculture started up humans used to hunt for all there meals and once they started to plant crops they no longer need to hunt for there meals so the bow started to be used just for a sport. Finally, threshold #5-Life on Earth is the last threshold and it fits with archery because animals on Earth roam the planet and humans took advantage of this by using them as a food source so they invented the bow in order to get the animal they were perusing.

Threshold 5
Threshold 6
Threshold 7
Threshold 8

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