Salar de Uyuni located in southwest Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is located amid the Andes in southwest Bolivia. It once was a huge lake, but since it went dry it is now the world's largest salt flat. Its size is remarkable at 10,582 square kilometers which is 4,086 square miles. Many people that live around that area speak spanish, but you will find a lot of tourists who speak different languages because of how big of an attraction it is. The currency is much different from the United States, 1 Boliviano equals .14 US dollar. The city outside of the huge attraction, Uyuni, has population of around 10,500 people. The ethnicities of the people there are Quechua and Aymara. The formation of Salar de Uyuni other than the lake going dry, was because of an uplift of the Andes Mountains.

El Salar de Uyuni es la salina más grande del mundo, que se encuentra en Bolivia. Es una atracción turística muy grande para muchas personas. Muchas personas lo llaman un espejo por la forma en que refleja el cielo. Muchos de los nativos de alrededor hablan español. Se dice que es uno de los lugares más bellos del mundo después de una ducha de lluvia. La lluvia hace que refleje el cielo como un espejo. Este lugar es una hermosa atracción turística para muchos para disfrutar.

People of Bolivia enjoy traditional music and dances like the caporal, tinku, cueca, cumbia or saya. Les gusta estar muy animados cuando bailan. Su música es muy rápida y divertida para bailar.

There are many popular food dishes by Salar de Uyuni as well. Papas rellenas is one of them. It originated from Peru but has been adopted throughout the Bolivian Andes. Papas Rellenas significa patatas rellenas. Es una bola de puré de patatas rellenas con un huevo cocido o queso y frito.

A snack that is popular in this area are salteñas. They are filled with meat, vegetables, eggs and a slightly spicy sauce. Son muy populares alrededor de Salar de Uyuni.

There is one main culture in Bolivia, which is Quechua. The people of Quechua enjoy eating potatoes and quinoa grain as well as meat stew. También disfrutan de comer cobayas en los festivales.

Tienen el festival de Inti Raymi donde sacrifican una llama.

This is a religious festival to honor Inti, which is their god. It is held on June 24th each year between sunrise and sunset.

This is the world's most dangerous road located right outside of La Paz. Many tourists ride their bikes down this 11,000 foot mountain with no railing! Mucha gente ha muerto intentando esta actividad. Mantienen un conteo anual de muertes, por lo que es muy peligroso. The weather changes throughout the year, so you should bring the appropriate clothes for that time of the year.

A salt flat tour of the Salar de Uyuni is one of the best things to do in Bolivia. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is usually warm there, but there is occasional cold weather. Después de las lluvias, las salinas parecen un espejo. Muchas personas disfrutan de esta atracción divertida.

Isla del Sol, which is located on Lake Titicaca is a very interesting island. There are a few towns located here that people love to visit. They have a museum that you can visit as well for a small fee. The weather is very nice and warm there as well. Esta isla tiene una historia muy extraña. Nadie sabe realmente cómo se originó.

Taking a tour of the Bolivian jungle can be very exhilarating. The town of Rurrenabaque is where the tour begins. The weather is usually warm and humid. The animals you could see will keep you on your toes, especially when you reach the gators. Los cocodrilos son realmente interesantes para ver nadar alrededor y caminar en tierra. También pueden ser muy peligrosos, así que asegúrese de que está a una buena distancia.

After doing the world's most dangerous bike ride, you can find yourself in Coroico in an area called the Yungas. Este es un lugar para relajarse y descansar. It is located between the La Paz and the Amazon jungles. El clima es muy agradable. Es un gran lugar para relajarse.

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