Eve Papa Productions Multimedia Company

Business Plan

1. What is my company?

Eve Papa Productions is going to be a multimedia company that provides services across a wide range for companies, local businesses, musicians, and more. My services, intended to help clients advertise and/or establish an online presence, will include:

• Creating web pages

• Creating social media accounts

• Photography

• Music Videos

• Podcasts/radio advertisements

• Photoshop advertisements

2. How will I advertise, and what clients do I hope to work with?

I plan to advertise by creating my own website and social media accounts for the company. I also plan on finding potential local clients either around town or online, through cold calls.

The types of clients I hope to work with is broad: anyone who is looking to boost their social media presence. It could be any sort of business, artist/musician, or individual in need of my services.

3. What will my start-up costs and monthly budget be?

My start-up costs for each service will be as follows:

• Creating a web page ~ $50

• Creating social media accounts

o Each Account ~ $20

• Photography for an event ~ $70

• Music Videos ~ $50

• Podcasts/radio advertisements ~ $40

• Photoshop advertisements ~ $40

Monthly budget:

• Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription ~ $20

4. What is my growth plan for the next 3-5 years?

My growth plan is to triple my prices and be able to invest in new equipment, including a new tripod, new camera lens, and microphone for podcasts. I also plan to have a small but strong and reliable client base.

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