M, Rodriguez Art 1 Portfolio

this is the goal cards I made for myself. they goals i made for myself is i want to meet new people in highschool and have a good time with them and make lots of new friends that will stick with me till the end of highschool
So what I've done in these few drawings are that I learned how to use all the pencils and there different shades to make drawings. Like the first 2 drawings I learned how to shade a man figure and a skull. and in 3,4,6,7,8 is how to make and shade 3D shapes. in number 4 I drew my shoe. and in my last 4 drawings I learned the basics and they were just my pretests.
in this photo it shows me and my class how to make washers for the puppets and how to cut wood with the saw.
In my surrealism art, I selected a few things that represent me. I chose an armadillo to show that I’m very protective about my stuff, a guitar as music is a big part of my life and I want to be a musician in the future.
My art piece is of me and my favorite color, my art piece is of me in my everyday life just living through with all the colors and all the shades of colors. The reason i choose red for my main color is because it's the color of life because our blood is red.
I made my mask based on my surrealism graphic art. So I made a halo on my mask because my hebrew name meaning is “Who is like god”. I have the waves on the side to show the country's art style which is japan art style.

What I have learned this year was how to create Puppets with the famous Donovan Zimmerman. we learned how to create washers out of bottle caps and we learned how to stick paper and many other things. another thing we did this year is we learned how to make our body features like our eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.

Some more things we did over the semester is we made a clay mask that symbolically represented us. So what we did before that is we research some of my dreams and thought of an animal that represented that who we are. We also made a rough draft thing where we made a surrealism page where I based it off of my mask. So what I put on my surrealism page was what I put on my mask and it just really help me to make my mask and complete it.

Leyster, Judith Dutch, 1609 - 1660 Self-Portrait c. 1630 oil on canvas overall: 74.6 x 65.1 cm (29 3/8 x 25 5/8 in.) framed: 97.5 x 87.6 x 9.2 cm (38 3/8 x 34 1/2 x 3 5/8 in.) The reason this is my favorite art is because of the way it is, it looks really beautiful. Not only is the painter really good but the art she did looks really good and I feel like it takes some talents to make double paintings in one painting at the same time.

Art II, 2018

Dead Corpse Review of Elements and Principles of Design is a surrealist game where me and 6 random classmates passed around a paper and my teacher told us a descriptive word for a body part and we drew that and passed it on. This game was originally started in france in the beginning of the 1900s and it started as a "for fun" game but it just turned out to be a good art surrealist game.
The doodle for google was a project/ competition that my teacher entered me where I had to try to create the google theme in the homepage for google.com. My theme was world hunger so I had the G for Google be a hand reaching to open a plate with food in it then I made 1 of the O's in Google be the world. next I made the 2nd O in Google be a bowl of rice because that's a good food to donate to places that need it than I made the g in Google a baby to show that some babies suffer from not being able to eat every day. Next I had the l in Google be a hand reaching out as if someone is reaching out for help, last I made an the e in google be a fish because its a food that lots of people around the world eat.
This is my work from the printmaking unit where we were carving art into a linoleum block is called Road To Freedom. The Printmaking unit asked us to find a theme so my theme was about how I am here in the United States and in my school being able to do what is was doing. So my story was the story of how my parents were very poor in mexico and they both went through the naturalization process to find a good job and help pay for their parents and how my mom and dad met in North Carolina while working. So the symbols I put in my art is that the Aztec temple which is in mexico which both my parents went to visit at a young age then I put North Carolina National bird which is the cardinal and from the name I made it a road so its representing the process from mexico to nc.
I researched a sculptor named Do Ho Suh. Born 1962, Seoul, Korea Do Ho Suh got his bachelor’s of fine art in 1985 and master’s of fine art in 1987 at Seoul National University. In 1993 Suh relocated to the united states after fulfilling his mandatory service in the south korean military, earning a BFA in painting at Rhode Island School of Design. He earned his MFA in sculpture from Yale University, in 1997. Suh is well known for his production of a korean traditional house with fabric in exact scales and details and also in his art it shows a lot about how we see public space.
During a 1 1/2 month period my teacher gave me the assignment to make something on my own which this is my independent art project. we had mediums we could have done so I chose to make something out of clay. So this is the art i made which is called "My Life Box" which as I put it it was a artwork that reflected my life and with the box I chose big factors of my life. The top I made a quarter note which is because all 3 years of middle school I was in band and since then i've always wanted to learn how to do more instruments. on the front is a sun which represents the story my mom told me which was that the day I was born was the brightest she has ever seen the sun and that story has just always stick with me. on one of the sides is a controller which is used to play games which represents how gaming has also helped me connect to other and I made many friend by playing games, next was a heart which actually corresponds with my gaming which is its supposed to represent the very first game and that heart was an my own take on an item in the game. Last was the word "Friends" in another japanese which represents how i'm fascinated on other languages and want to learn more about them right now i only know english and spanish but I want to keep leaning.


So I feel as if in this class I learned to do much more with different art mediums because my teacher has always pushed me to do more and to try new things. This semester I have learned about myself as an artist is that I can't draw and I enjoy and am better at 3D art so I really like clay and that medium. Themes I have seen develop in my work is that it always either hits close to home or is a big problem in the world. As an artist i would like my work always to be something I can enjoy doing and that its about something that is important.

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