John Steinbeck Dust bowl

Born february 27 1902 salinas california died 1968 died in new york

mother school teacher

He ofton wrote about hard work and labor

also wrote about migration and time working in the fields

His speech gave him pride and confidence

It was his childhood home

Wheat common crop used in the valley

Soledad california

Connor Cites


Limits to a person’s ability to learn at an expected level and function in daily life.

It can take longer for them to learn, speak, talk, eat, and they could have trouble learning in school.

They take care of the mental people. They face dressing and feeding them people.

They were looked down upon. They were considered just plain “stupid.” They are helped today.

It is really important to protect our mental people. You should always care for them and be friendly.

They show us that anyone can be happy in any condition of life.

The ADA is a wide range of civil right laws that prohibits the discrimination based on disability.

You should help them with their daily tasks that would be difficult for them.

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