Abc's Of Culture by: Lizzy Davis

Art & Literature.

American Gothic, Grant Wood 1930.
The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1804


statue of liberty , this Represents Freedom.
The white House , where the president lives.

Communication & Transportation:

Air Planes, used for Transportation.
Social Media, used for communication.


Most teenagers wear cloths like this.
most teenagers & adults wear vans.


American Dollar, it runs this economy.
malls make a lot of money.


women are used for sexual tensions.
children are always told " you're too young to understand."


she was our governor.
this is South Carolina government hall.


we had slavery.
we had the largest corn industry.


9'11 was an emotional event.
Pearl Harbor.


we used dig in coal mines.
we used to have a really good cotton industry.


our country has one of the highest tobacco problems.
Our country is the richest country in the world.


our country has a lot of language one is english.
and another is spanish.

Movement & Migration:

A lot of people come into this country for freedom, jobs & education.
Donald Trump wants all the immigrants out

National Pride:

Martin Luther King, was an inspiration to the Untied States.
this is a picture of our founding fathers.


this helps make our bills & laws
they help with the house of representatives.


we have a mixture of age, race , religion, & ethnic group.
another example.

Quality Of Life:

we have a very healthy country, we have close doctors and close medical cares.
most of the people here are happy, but a lot of people struggle with depression.


we have a lot of different religions , most people don't have a religion but a lot of people are Christians.
A lot of people are Christians.


there are some highs & lows about racial problems.
some people are still racist.


gays are not acceptable by other people.
another example for TABOOS.

Urban Or Rural:

most people live in the city for jobs.
and a lot of people live in the countryside.

Vacation & recreation:

if you live in myrtle beach a lot of people go to the beach.
people also go to Family Kingdom.

Ways Of Everyday Life:

people usually go to the mall to shop, eat, & hangout.
people usually have a washing machine to wash their cloths.

Xmarks The Spot:

the beach is where some churches baptize people.
some people don't use technology or anything because their culture doesn't believe in it, most of these people live in the countryside.


most family's eat this.
they also eat this.


this is very typical .
and so is this.

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