Who is The Carvajal Group?

In the begining...

The Carvajal Group was founded by the husband and wife duo Jim and Deena Carvajal.

Way back in 1994, while in their early 20's, Jim and Deena bought their first home in Virginia Beach, Virginia using a VA loan and had their first taste of working with a real estate agent.

Says Jim and Deena of their experience: "We had no idea of what all was involved, what costs were, what they meant and unfortunately our agent did not advise us what to expect." Says Jim, "I was a young 21 year old and had recently separated from the NAVY . Deena and I were pretty excited about buying our first home and starting our new life. The week of closing, our agent informed us that the house did not appraise for the contract price and we would have to come up with an additional $2000 to close. We remember telling the agent there was no way we could afford that!"

By this point Jim and Deena were a little distrustful of the guidance they were getting from their agent so they did a little research on their own and realized they could request the seller to lower the price. When they asked their agent to simply ask the seller to lower the price, their agent said the seller would not do it and wanted the full contract price and suggested we pay the difference outside of closing. Holding firm Jim and Deena told the agent to make the request anyway or else they would have to walk away from the deal. The sellers conceded and sold the house at the appraised value. This sparked the idea that the Carvajal's should consider becoming agents to make sure their clients would be protected and their best interests looked out for.

After that ordeal, Deena started working in the Commercial Real Estate sector for several major commercial firms in Virginia and Atlanta and ultimately became a licensed Residential Real Estate Agent. In late 2003 the Carvajal's moved to Florida and Deena worked in Real Estate sales and started a Property Management Services Division to help manage their own investment portfolio. Since they too are investors the property management side was a perfect complement. Deena grew the Property Management Division with RE/MAX Innovation and eventually grew that portfolio to over 200 tenant only and managed properties.

Jim had been working in the corporate world but in 2013 he left that corporate world and went full time into Sales/Property Management with Deena.

The Carvajal Group was born.

Deena, our fearless leader, loves to cook and is known for her superpower of closing deals while cooking!!
The Carvajal's are all about family and love spending time together.
But the bottom line is that we are known for going above and beyond and earning our client's complete trust. We are completely honest, transparent, and upfront with our clients and colleagues, regardless of how difficult a situation. We believe that communication is the key and if we are passionate about what we do, and if we put it all on the table, we can come to a positive solution for all parties. We will not take the easy way out, ever! We believe in working hard and doing the job right by representing our clients to the best of our abilities. If done right, we know the end result will be HAPPY CLIENTS that will not hesitate to call us and consider us a valuable arsenal in their corner when buying or selling real estate!

Our clients are cherished, our relationships are treasured.

We are The Carvajal Group!

Some of our very happy clients!

Our Team Members

Manny Arce

Next came Manny Arce who has been with The Carvajal Group a few shorts months but has left his mark already with transforming the way we do business. Manny is a Buyer's Agent with The Carvajal Group with years of Advanced Management Skills in the Education Sector and has an incredible Entrepreneurial Spirit that shines so bright. Manny is a go-getter who won't take No for an answer when fighting to get his clients the home they want and deserve. Manny's calm and assuring presence has clients coming back time and again and sending Manny referral after referral.

Nallita Sepulveda

And the the Impressive Nallita Sepulveda. Nallita has an incredible amount of Paralegal, Executive Management and Real Estate Investment experience on her impressive resume. The Carvajal Group is so excited to welcome Nallita as she comes on board with The Carvajal Group as a Buyers Agent for the Group and taking the team to new heights. Nallita has a WILL DO attitude and thinks outside the box to bring a different perspective and solutions to problems that buyers will find invaluable with her on their side.

Noemi Alvarez

The Carvajal Group has once again been blessed with amazing talent such as with our Buyer's Agent - Noemi Alvarez. A born again Christian, Noemi is not afraid to tell you God and her family are her motivation and her force in all she does. Noemi is everyone's cheer leader and downplays her own amazing talents. A strong Buyer's Agent in every respect, this woman makes it look easy wearing heels and cleaning bathrooms at the same time so her clients are moving into a spotless space when she sells them their dream home. No mountain too high or trash can too full that Noemi can't tackle to get the job done. And get it done she does will an infectious smile and positive energy that flows over everyone she's around.

Betsy Carvajal

Betsy Carvajal brings extensive expertise in Management, Accounting, pre-purchase of real estate consultations, and foreclosure prevention. Betsy’s first taste of real estate was in the fast-paced Timeshare industry as an accountant. Betsy then transitioned into Residential Real Estate as a Listing and Buyer’s expert. Furthering her love of real estate but wanting to help people affected by the 2008 real estate bust, Betsy was chosen over many other candidates to work for a non-profit organization where she managed and trained Pre-purchase Counselors and Foreclosure Prevention Counselors. Missing the hustle and bustle of working with buyers and sellers, Betsy is right back to her 1st love, selling Real Estate! Betsy has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Central Florida. She won’t brag about it but Betsy has also received many awards of accommodations for her work ethic and grace under pressure from past companies she’s worked for. Betsy is a hustler, a no-nonsense, honest person with a heart always in the right place. Being in real estate over 10 years, Betsy has built quite a following of people who seek her out for her vast knowledge of real estate and beyond. With Betsy in your corner, you don’t have to worry about who she’s working for. She will always be working to get you the best deal at the best price.

Along with a team of other administrative, support, vendors in all fields, The Carvajal Group is ready to serve your real estate selling, purchasing or investment needs.

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