Marching Band 2021 Fremont high school

Marching Band 101

What is marching band?

A unique combination of athleticism and musicianship

Modern marching band has evolved from traditional formations and music to a complete production including, not just music, but props, choreography, dance, and theatrical characteristics

Research has been done and data has been collected that shows that modern marching band musician athletes perform at the same physical level as varsity high school athletes, and members of modern drum and bugle corps perform at a physical level comparable to professional athletes

2020: out of the Ashes.

Summer vs. Fall

Summer is to learn fundamentals of Marching and learning how to play while moving. A lot of time is spent working on coordination and control. It could be considered the "spring training" of our activity.

usually there are 3-4 parades that we get to perform at.

Parades are an amazing opportunity to perform for thousand of community members from all over our county.

All parades in 2020 were cancelled, parades for 2021 are still unknown. We want to support our community and will participate should they be able to occur. Due to the cancelation of parades, we had our first ever Fremont Marching Band parking lot concert last summer. It was a blast and is a new tradition we plan to continue.


Our fall marching band is a competitive group that competes with other bands from Utah 6A schools. These are at competitions from Utah County to Cache Valley and everywhere between. We perform at non-competitive band showcases. We also perform at home Varsity Football games. The competitions are from mid September to early November.

We have a band camp to learn and memorize our show. This includes music, drill and choreography. Our camp is held at Fremont.

We work together to create wonderful memories. We are honored we get to make music together and share it with others. Football games are typically Friday evenings, band competitions are typically on Saturdays.

Marching Band day at Rocky Mtn. Jr High 2020


ALL Marching Band members MUST be enrolled in a core band class. Core band classes include Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Percussion and bands at their Jr. High (if in 9th grade).

Attendance is required at rehearsals, camps and performances. Attendance at rehearsal is ESSENTIAL to the success of each performer, and our group.

Members must maintain a 2.0 grade average to be eligible for competitions and no more than one F. Grades will be checked periodically. Students must maintain a good attendance record in all classes.

Members must maintain a positive attitude, work hard, and do their best to contribute to the success of the ensemble.


Band Website

pre-season: mini MB experience camps in April and May. These are to experience marching band, learn some basics and music and invite more friends.

MB mini experience camps: April 1, 15, 29, May 13 and 27* from 3-5

Percussion and Guard clinics and auditions: May 18, 19, 20 and 21st

*Contracts will be due at the final camp, May 27. This is so we have accurate numbers for our drill designer and choreographers.


Summer Camp: June 28 - July 2nd,

Parking Lot Performance July 2nd, 11:00a.m.

*potential parades on July 3rd, July 24th and September 6th. It is not clear yet if these will happen. We would like to support our community when given the opportunity.

Percussion and Guard sectionals every Monday, Winds every Tuesday of July and the first week of August. Times will be determined by section members.

August 9th - 13th Pre-camp week. Full Band 8am - 3pm. The focus of this week is marching basics and music memorization.

August 16th - 20th BAND CAMP. Full Band 8am - 8pm. The focus of this week is putting our music in motion and setting the drill.

The following week starts our school year rehearsal schedule. Tuesdays/Thursdays 6-9pm and occasional Saturday mornings.

Mini-Camp: Friday, 9/10 and Saturday, 9/11 is our mini camp. This is to focus on cleaning the show and clarifying big picture ideas.

Our schedule review. Why this structure? How we work vs. other bands.

just an FYI: all bands we compete with rehearse 3 times per week, except for one. Roy rehearses 2 times per week, but has marching band as a class period.


Total: $475 if all items are needed. If you are a returning member and have your marching shoes (and they are in good condition and still fit, there is no need to purchase new ones). The Band Jacket is a one time fee, if you already have one, there is no need to buy another. The rental fee does not apply to everyone, only for those using school equipment. Fees will be due staggered in June, July, August and September. You are also welcome to make a single payment.

Cost information for comparison and disclosure:

district approved amounts for Marching Band fees. I am allowed to charge up to $1205 on a "non-travel" year.

More info for comparison sake: This information was collected in 2018. Marching Band fees for other programs across the state of Utah.

Provo HS (5A): $500

Roy HS (6A): $525

Maple Mt. HS (5A): $550

Lehi HS (5A): $625

Herriman HS (6A): $650

West Jordan (6A): $650

Sky View HS (4A): $675

Green Canyon HS (4A): $812

American Fork HS (6A): $1000

Please note that we do fundraising to offset operation costs. Student fees alone do not cover the expenses that the marching band incurs. We can also do more individual based fundraising to help offset fees. I want every student to participate that wants to. If they want to be in the marching band, I want them in the marching band. If finances are a concern, please know that there are ways I can help offset the cost.

Band Website

please refer to our website. It contains a lot of useful information as has a calendar for each program on it's respective page. www.fremontbands.com

Goals 2021


Growth in Heart, Growth in Community, Growth in Determination, Growth in Quality.


Continue to improve attendance. In 2019, there were 190 absences. There were 4 rehearsals with 100% attendance. In 2020, there 48 absences. We had 100% attendance at nearly 75% of rehearsals.

Find JOY in the Process

Marching band is tough. We are more tough. Marching band takes dedication. We are dedicated. Marching Band is fun, fun when we learn to work and pave a path to success. We have success when we find joy in the journey.

We are in the early stages of getting new uniforms. This is quite the process. Timely and expensive. The design is shown here. We will have a demo version on the uniform that can be worn by a student to we can see it in person and be able to confirm design choices, make modifications and show supporters of the program.

Questions??? please email jabradshaw@wsd.net

What's the show????