Cold Brewtus and Ross Henry

A Cold Brewtus Partnership


I am graduating in May from Saint Michael’s College in Colchester Vermont. In the last four years I have been pursuing: Environmental Work, Outdoor pursuits as an athlete and guide, crafting documentaries and shooting photography. Some of my work can be found here:

I think what makes Cold Brewtus such an alluring company and brand is that it represents not one tunnel visioned mission or sport, but rather a holistic balance. Likewise, my pursuits are not narrowly focused, but they are all positive feedbacks for each other.

I would like to partner with Cold Brewtus, personally. Attached is how I would like to partner with Cold Brewtus.

Current Future Endeavors: A. Expeditions/Projects:

1. Yankee Ice Survey:

A study of the effect of Climate Change on New England Ice Climbing: Culture, Economics and Environment. Working with National Geographic as our primary project collaborator. This project is building to continue in the 2017-2018 Winter Season.

2. Conserve the Cal Madow:

In September of 2017 I will travel with the research group Conserve the Cal Madow to Somaliland to study the sustainability of Frankincense, a resin being used for Cancer Research. The Forrest largely consists on cliffs and so my roll will be to establish Rock Climbing first ascents so that researchers can better understand the sustainability of Frankincense.

B. AthleticEndeavors:

1. Fastest Known Times (FKT’s):

I participate in Fastest Known Times of Peaks and Trail Runs. I currently hold 5 Speed Records (FKT’s) on mountains in Alaska and New England. In the next 6 months I have 5 other speed record attempts planned, one of

which is the coveted Presidential Traverse. In addition to FKT’s I have various Mountain Running Races that I plan on attending in both Alaska and New England in the next 6 months.

Current FKT Records:

  1. Matanuska Peak, AK- Ascent
  2. Pioneer Peak, AK Ascent and Descent
  3. Mount Chocura, NH Ascent and Round Trip
  4. Camel's Hump, VT Round Trip

How Cold Brewtus Would Benefit?

  1. Social Media Tagging and Promoting on my own social media.
  2. Speaking Opportunities for Research Projects
  3. Ability to Provide Photo and Video for Cold Brewtus Social Media.


My personal motto is that Experiences are best when shared, my personal work and goals mixed with my motto I believe matches really will with Cold Brewtus's Beliefs.

My passed work in Alaska, my current National Geographic work and upcoming environmental project in Somaliland encompass what it means to both be an adventure seeking athlete as well as a steward to both the land and humanitarian causes-- which works well with Cold Brewtus Social Responsibility aims. My pursuits as an athlete to obtain Fastest Known Times in the mountains as well as rock climbing and ice climbing embodies the Adventurous spirit that Cold Brewtus may want to market, and my ability to perform as well as tell the story through a multitude of media, 360 virtual reality, video and photos would help build the brand of Cold Brewtus. Through both my journeys and skillsets I think that the Cold Brewtus Brand and what it stands for and I can both motivate current and future Cold Brewtus customers.

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