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Meeting the Brief

Raising Awareness: Utilising key impact video units that are proven to drive clicks & video completions. These will lead to higher quality user visits. Units are dynamic to Geo, environment, user data, TOD & DOW.

Drive Bookings: All units proposed will provide the opportunity to feature strong CTAs that drive to site these will be supported by dynamic messaging allowing for messaging to be personalised to individual user groups. Exposed users can be re-targeted with direct price offer messaging based on level of interest shown (e.g. clicked/engaged/completed the view).

Reaching the Audience: A combination of site placements suited to the target audience, utilising additional 1st and 3rd party data & contextual targeting.

Achieving Value & Brand Safety: Accountable buying Metrics (CPCV or CPV) to ensure guaranteed video views or positive engagements. FOC creative builds -- we can work with in-house creative team to remain on brand.

Cross Platform: All units proposed (apart from Page Frame because of video content) can run across desktop, tablet, mobile and in most cases creative will remain the same but may need to be edited for certain mobile placements.

Reporting: We are able to track: Impressions, viewed impressions, video quartiles, dwell times, clicks and engagements. Engagement hot spots on the creative can be included to show where a user interacts. The learning with this. Custom reporting is also available for any specific requirements.

Formats: All formats will allow a user to skip/exit the creative easily. This isn't a mandatory requirement, creative can run without skip options if required.

Audience Targeting

Sites,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Regional News (,,,,,,,,,, etc),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, uk,,,,,,,,,

Data BlueKai > Consumer > Interests > Travel > Personal Travel, BlueKai > Passionate About > Travel, BlueKai > Passionate About > Travel > USA, Bluekai - Interest --> Travel --> Destination Locations --> United States --> California, Bluekai - Interest --> Travel --> Types --> Leisure & Vacation --> Road Trips, BlueKai: In-Market > Travel > Air Travel > Airlines > British Airways, BlueKai: In-Market > Travel > Air Travel > Classes > First Class, BlueKai: In-Market > Travel > Air Travel > Classes > Economy, BlueKai > Travel > Destination > North America > US > California > San Diego-SAN, BlueKai > Travel > Destination > North America > US > California > San Francisco-SFO, BlueKai > Travel > Destination > North America > US > California > Los Angeles-LAX, BlueKai: Interest > Sports > Yoga & Pilates, BlueKai: Interest > Sports > Watersport > Surfing, BlueKai > Passionate About > Food & Drink, Bluekai - Intent - Travel - Destination: Beach

Contextual different video served based on context: single, couple, retirment. LA: beach, surfing, watersport, Hollywood. San Diego: yoga, sea-kayaking, meditation, vegan, Mexican food. San Francisco: food, arts, hippie, street art, cabaret

Creative Concept

Image Selection - Personalise Content

Compelling imagery has proven to be the greatest driver of user actions when aligned alongside video with campaigns we have run for other travel brands. A creative unit can hold multiple images representing each location. Users are allowed to personalise their results by selecting the images relevant to them, the video is then served based on these selections. The other 2 videos can also be in view and clickable whilst the targeted video is served.

With this concept served as Impact InPage or Page Frame, we can add a parallax element. For example the background image could be of the Golden Gate Bridge and as the user scrolls further down the page, the sun could set. This could be replicated with an image representing all of the destinations.

Gyro movment could be added in to any of the formats. This could be served as, water/sea, clouds, flames/smoke from a fire, lights flashing, in the background moving.

Mobile/Tablet - Specific Engagement Opporutnities

  • Swiping - for a surf simulation.
  • Shaking/Blowing into device - to dust of all the sand on screen.
  • Art - use your finger to wipe the paint off the screen to reveal content.

User Questions - Personalise Content

Adding in personalised questions about what people look for in a holiday make the content feel as though they have made it personal for themselves. This would help to engage users to watch the video content to completion. Its intriguing for users to also see what there selections have not targeted them with, which will increase dwell time. (example below)

Format Suggestions

Rich Media Player

The rich media player turns a standard video ad into a high impact fully interactive brand platform that provides brands with guaranteed video completes & high volumes of quality traffic to their site.

5% average CTR, 10% average engagement rate - £20 CPM / £0.03 CPCV
  • Bought on CPCV or CPC metric. Loads on click to play of video player, at which point the creative expands outside of the video player either going straight into ad play or can load an intro animation for further impact.
  • The creatives large canvas is dynamic so can interchange between different messaging as the TVC play out to enhance the videos impact.
  • Can support multiple videos in until & different engagement features.

Impact InPage

The Impact InPage is an in-text format that when in view expands to autoplay video. The video pushes the text apart so that the page content isn’t disrupted in any way.

  • Bought on CPCV Metric. Loads when the user has scrolled minimum of 15% down the page.
  • Ensures messaging gets noticed even if users are viewing on mute allowing for greater resonance & reaction.
  • Social buttons, data sign ups & engagement features can be included.
3% average CTR - £0.015 CPV / £0.03 CPCV

Page Frame

The Skin unit offers impact branding that ensures messaging does not go unnoticed. It can run as static, flash or with video. Video can only be hosted on desktop, we do have a mobile and tablet page frame display offering.

  • Bought on Viewable CPM metric (100% visible for 5”+).
  • High Impact visuals for maximum awareness.
  • Select animation opportunity to allow the user to swipe the creative landscape into different scenarios.
  • Dynamic engagement opportunities to change the creative background based on user interests.
  • Video Wall allows for full screen video to play out in the creative wings.
2% average CTR - £16 VCPM

A video unit could be placed where the middle two boxes are (above) at the top of the screen. This would display the targeted video based on data/context. The page frame would also support the messaging from the targeted video. The other two 'clickable' outer boxes are located next to where the video would be. Clicking one of these images representing one of the other locations (LA, San D, San F) will change the frame image and video content.


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