Non-Fiction Bryor Bogle

What I Know:

The purpose of non-fiction is to teach, inform, and explain, real events, people, things, and places.

Kids vs. Non-fiction

Most kids prefer fiction over non-fiction because lets face it, overall it is a much more enjoyable read than non-fiction.

Writing Non-fiction stories:

In order for a piece of writing to be non-fiction, it must be TRUE! Real facts about real things is what makes non-fiction, "non-fiction."

Visual Elements:

The majority of non-fiction contain text features such as glossary, index, illustrations, photos, table of contents, graphs, maps, italic/bold words, and timelines.

Opinions Are Bad!!!

When writing non-fiction, keep your opinion out of it. An opinion is not a fact, and it isn't true. Non-fiction needs REAL facts in order to be non-fiction.

What Is Considered Non-fiction today?

Newspapers and articles can sometimes be bias, which is opinion based. As i said before non-fiction needs to be REAL and True! Be aware that the information given to you from these can sometimes be fake or opinion based.

Non-fiction vs. Fiction

Remember, non-fiction is REAL and fiction is FAKE!

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