Portfolio by aiken sujana

Alpha Phi Omega: Graphics Chair

Association of International Students: Vice President

AIS Soccer Tournament

Promotional marketing items for AIS Soccer Tournament.
Sign In Informational Sign.

International Bazaar 2015

Official poster and Digital sigange for International Bazaar.
(R) The Look of AIS Facebook page during International Bazaar promotional period. (L) International Bazaar reimbursement form.

Uniform Menu Design

Every booth had a uniform menu design to maintain consistency of the event branding.

Animated Backdrops

That plane was actually moving.

Uniform Banner Design

Other Branding Products

I designed the programme booklet to resemble a passport, and the voting ticket to resemble a boarding pass.

Customized Sign Up Sheet
The departure sign that greeted guests of the Bazaar.

International Night 2016: Legends of the Earth

Event branding combines elements of nature and watercolor brushwork.
The Event Programme book distributed to the 500+ attendees.

Indonesian Student Association Tulsa: President



2015 saw a complete overhaul of the visual identity of Indonesian Student Association-formerly known as PERMIAS Tulsa.

Our Facebook cover picture after the rebranding.
Consistency across platforms.

Social Media Graphics

Typically, every holiday we post digital greeting cards on Facebook- which are, of course, uniform in design.

Our Facebook holiday greeting posts.

Dirgahayu Indonesiaku: An Independence Day Celebration

Official Flyer for the event.
Facebook promotional posts.

Dining Abroad: Indonesia

Official flyer for Dining Abroad: Indonesia
Landscape of Indonesia theme and simplicity on any branding items.

Bubble Tea & Pastries: Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Official flyer of the event.
Digital Signange
Animated graphics on our digital display sign.

Association of International Students 2016-2017 Administration

Presidency & Rebranding

With University of Tulsa's McFarlin Library as a Backdrop
Another TU Campus scenery.

Design Philosophy.

Today, we welcome a simpler, bolder AIS brand.

The new visual identity means more than just aesthetics. It represents our brand new commitment to serve our members, community and the university well. The next chapter will observe the growth and expansion of the AIS administration–giving more opportunities to members and students to lead and serve.

Our new identity is epitomized by our refreshed logo. The most apparent change to our new logo is the addition of the circle surrounding the letters. The circle is a direct representation of Earth. It symbolizes unity between the diverse cultural backgrounds of our students. At the same time, it embodies our new focus to our planet through sustainability.

As we expand, our organization grows more and more complex. This is the driving force of why we selected simplicity as our design language. It has been said that simplicity does not mean the lack of clutter and complications. It simply means bringing order to complexity. Our design philosophy clearly defines who we are and will also serve as a guide to our ever growing future.

The new chapter begins here.

All New Website and Social Media Look

Designs for Nametags, Lanyards, Polos and Jacket.

AIS Videos

The aesthetics and cinematography in all AIS videos reflects the simplicity philosophy of the new brand.

Cultural Exchange: Indonesia's Biodiversity and Climate Change

Project Earth Campaign

International Night 2017: World Icons

Staff Recruitment Campaign

Summer Pool Party

Welcome Back Picnic 2016

Snapchat Filter

International Night Market

Multimedia Campaign

Universal Signage

Event Advertisement

Video of the actual event.

Student Association

Other Relevant Work

Luke Lau for Senate Campaign

Campaign flyer designs.
Facebook cover picture.

Harvard Wong for Senate

Aiken Sujana for AIS President

Vandit for Vice President

University of Tulsa Art Deco Poster

GB Ernest: Corporate Rebranding

Thank You!

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Aiken Sujana

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