The Brotherhood

Greek Life is one of the most important pillars of social life at the University of Mississippi. However, it is also controversial, white washed and loaded with negative prejudice. In this podcast, two members of a fraternity at the university are speaking about the way they attempt to reform the established system , how they want to make a difference and how they are trying to overcome stereotypes and rejection.

Manuel Eisner stands in front of his fraternity house, called "the lodge" by him and his brothers ; Inside shots of the Chi Psi fraternity house and their meeting room, the prettiest room in the house and therefore locked most of the times. .
Jordan Richardson has two secret symbols of his fraternity tattooed on his foot. He is not allowed to talk about their meaning though.

Once a member of Chi Psi, always a member of Chi Psi. The brothers call themselves Immortals, because they believe that they stay connected for a lifetime and even in death.

The pirate theme in the house dates back to one of the fraternity's founding fathers Phillip Spencer, who was unjustly executed while being in the U.S. navy on board of the warship U.S.S. Sommers. It made Chi Psi a voyager fraternity.

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