what the houses looked like after the roofs collapsed
  • this is question two's answers
  • On October 16,1631 Mount Vesuvius erupted between 6:00-7:00 A.M.
  • It happened on the west coast of Italy near Pompeii
  • basically the volcano's ashes,smoke,toxic gasses,etc is what caused the destruction because all of the ashes,smoke,toxic gasses,etc weighed down the roofs of houses and buildings till those buildings collapsed
  • magma did not touch that area around the coast of Italy
this is what a volcano erupting looks like and what the magma looks like when being risen in the air
  • question three's answers
  • a volcanic eruption is geological in nature
  • this event happens because of the lower density of the magma relative to the surrounding rocks
  • the density causes the magma to rise and the pressure in a volcano in the volcano's gas bubbles forces all the magma to rise in the air
a picture of the aftermath of the eruption probably quite a long time after the eruption
  • question four's answers
  • usually it would cover the neighborhoods around the area,counties,villages,statewide,towns,etc but it really depends
  • it depends on where it is and how large the eruption is going to be
this is a person who got covered with ash after the eruption of mt vesuvius
  • the event killed people because the ash collapsed the roofs of houses and it covered people in that debris and ash
  • grass was covered with piles of ash
  • it probably polluted water and the air in the time of the event the air probably was polluted with smoke and ash
part of the weathering from mt vesuvius
  • question five's answers
  • the ash weathered the roofs of buildings and houses
  • the ash eroded at the walls of buildings
  • the ash was deposited on the floor,water,plus air
some parts of succession after the the disastrous event
  • question seven's answers
  • when succession kicks in it kicks in after humans remove ash and broken buildings plus the dead people out of the area
  • the grass and weeds can grow after all of the other stuff is done, then trees grow,animals move in, and finally people can maybe move back in
this is what the people's houses looked like after the eruption a few years later these were those people who lived really close to vesuvius
  • question eight's answers
  • no they were not ready they were kind of taken by surprise
  • the people who lived near the vesuvius volcano just stayed there and were basically living atop of a live bomb
  • then the explosion happened and many people got covered in ash and were basically frozen alive with ash
mt vesuvius the volcano
  • question one's answers
  • mt Vesuvius,Italy 1631 because it seems interesting that so many people were covered in ash and debris
  • they were practically dead but kind of frozen in place like stone statues
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