Circulatory system Questions Did you pay attention?

1- A colorless fluid that contains white blood cells, which bathe the tissues and drains through system into the bloodstream is what?

2- What is the main function of the circulatory system?

3- How does the heart help this system?

4- How do the lungs help in the system? (A)cycle the blood through to take out oxygen and replace it with CO2 (B) restart the process and send to the heart (C) cycle the blood through to take out CO2 and replace it with oxygen........

Pretty Lungs....

5- Which is which..............veins? arteries? Capillaries?

6- True or False? A stroke happens in the circulatory system and has a blood interruption in the heart.

7- True or False. There are two types of strokes in the brain.

8- What happens in Ischemic? Hemorrhagic? ( BIG Hint: which one has an artery explode, and which one clots?)

Which other system did I use as an example? How did it help?

10- Anybody remember how long it took for one cycle of blood to go through the whole body?

Last one......

11- What is any of the fine branching blood vessels that form a network between the arterioles and ventricles/carry blood away from the body exchanging nutrients, waste, and oxygen with tissues at cellular levels?

Extra Candy?


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