STRAIDHAVERN PS Newsletter - August 2019

Welcome to the August 2019 edition of our school newsletter. We hope that you have all had a lovely summer and that everyone is rested, relaxed and ready for the year ahead.

School transport, school lunches and breakfast club will begin on Monday, 2nd September 2019. Key Stage Two pupils will also start swimming on this date.

Parents, please make sure that you are connected to your child’s class on the Class Dojo app. It is also very important that we have up to date contact information for all parents.

Staff changes at school

As you are aware we have a new secretary in school. Mrs Burns took up the position of Senior Clerical Officer during the summer. Along with a change of secretary we also have a new school office. The old office has been replaced with our sensory room and the office has moved into the room beside Mr Young’s office.

Foundation stage classroom assistant, Mrs Kirkpatrick, has left us to take up a permanent position in a nursery school. We were very sorry to see her go but wish her every success. She has been replaced by Miss Hamill who will now be working as a classroom assistant across the school.

Mrs Paton has been a special needs classroom assistant in the school for a number of years. This year will see her role change as she becomes a student teacher. She will be teaching throughout the year as part of the teaching practice for her PGCE course. We are delighted that we can support Mrs Paton as she makes the next steps in her career.

Mrs Johnston, who was a classroom assistant in Foundation Stage has moved to the Key Stage 2 class to work one to one with a pupil.

Foundation stage


We are very excited to start our new school year in Primary 1 & 2. We are very lucky to have the help of Mrs Paton, Mrs Trowlen and Miss Hamill in our class to help with our learning journey. Our first topic this term is 'All about Me' a great opportunity for the children to learn and share things all about themselves and others. We will use the story of Elmer to learn and celebrate how unique and different we all are.

Mrs Paton will be teaching the class on a Wednesday as part of her teaching practice.

At the end of the month we will be inviting Primary 1 parents to join their child for lunch to ease the transition for Primary 1 pupils ahead of staying in school until 2pm. More information to follow on Class Dojo.



Mrs Hunter and Miss Campbell are looking forward to welcoming our new P3 class and are eagerly awaiting the return of our p4 pupils. This term in KS1 our topic will be transport. We shall be exploring under the sea, soaring above the clouds and zooming over roads and hills as we explore different modes of transport. This topic allows the children to investigate the role of each type of vehicle, appreciate the dangers involved and learn how to stay safe. It also encourages imagination through role play and creative art projects.



We hope all our KS2 pupils are well rested and ready for the 2019/2020 academic year as we have planned for a very exciting start to the new school year. What can be so exciting in P5/6/7 you ask? How about learning about Ancient Egyptians?! We will start with some research (just to make sure our lovely chrome books are still running) to get a general overview of the topic and will then venture into the world of mummification… Not only will we learn and write the instructions on how the ancient Egyptians mummified their dead but we will also carry out our own mummification experiment in the classroom… What’s more, we will learn about and design our own death masks among plenty other fun activities. Our art projects will also be based around the topic so expect some building work with sand and silhouette art. And let’s not forget about making pyramids out of cubes as part of problem solving. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone in school!

Please let us know if your children cannot attend school!


Every parent dreams like this over the summer!!

Thank you for reading our newsletter. Have a great month.

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