Recreation Event Planning Bringing Ones Community Closer

Event Planning is creating recreation and a community for people to come together. They are the people who create these environments for people to escape the everyday, enjoy a safe space, or learn something new.

It could be as simply as planning a free yoga class. It would just require volunteers and spreading awareness.

It could be planning a farmers market. One would have to contact local farms and vendors. Find a big enough space to host it. Finding a team to help with set up and clean up. Then finally letting the people know.

Event planning is even getting in touch with other towns to set up a community teams to compete with one another. It would require finding lots of volunteers, organize participants, planning times to practice and times to play, and finding the places to compete.

Finally, it could even be as grand as planning a county fair. From finding vendors, volunteers, workers, attractions, shows to perform, funding, and so much more.

In the examples above, they are explained generally. So here is a video to describe what it really takes to plan a, for example, a Health Fair .

There are so many ways to benefit a community. Recreation Event Planning could help people find something new or even embrace something old. There is something about bringing people, of all kinds, together to enjoy themselves that makes event planning so fulfilling. It's also time for community recreation to be for everyone.

I grew up in a impoverished town and now live in an enriched area. I became inspired to give back. It is sad to see a community with so much potential wasted. I want to share the knowledge I will come to learn and help my home town flourish. There is still so much to learn. One of the things I want to better understand, is how a city comes to find the funding for these events? Where do they find the people to volunteer their time without being paid? With time I hope to learn these things so I can give back to the city that made me who I am today.

When we look at the Stockton above we see that there are events out there but there could be so much more. Stockton has places to inspire youth, many parks to provide services, and full of empty spaces that could benefit the community.

Now if we compare it to San Francisco's current Winter schedule they have many different kinds of events. This is what I hope to bring Stockton one day, but first it takes experience working in a place like SF in order to bring up a place like Stockton.


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