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Over the past four years, my art skills have immensely improved. Take a look at these examples of my pieces from the beginning of my art career...

Looking back at this piece done in Intro to Art (Freshman year), a weakness I see is that my proportions were very off.
Another piece done in Intro to Art, I see that I struggled with making my colors blend smoothly.
This charcoal piece done in Drawing and Painting (Junior year), I see that my proportions and blending skills had improved. A strength I see in this piece is my highlights and shadows.
This oil painting done in Drawing and Painting, my blending skills (especially in the sky) had become one of my biggest strengths.


Comparing this oil painting done in Honors Art to the pieces I had done previous years, shows how much I have improved from the colors I chose to compliment each other to my ability to blend. Due to my love for blending, oil has become one of my favorite medias to work with.
This piece started off with me exploring different watercolor techniques to use. When it dried, I decided that the bottom area looked like a volcano and outlined it with sharpie. This is an example of how my creative thinking has improved over the years -- being able to take nothing and turn it into something.
This acrylic/oil piece challenged me in many ways. I started out with a different subject matter and changed it several times. I was forced to find ways to cover up certain things I did not want to show in a creative way. This piece tested my critical/creative thinking skills which has helped me improve as an artist.
This painting from Honors Art is one of my favorites because it pushed me to demonstrate original thinking and thoughtful solutions with conifidence, which happens to have been my Growth Target for this year.
I would have to say my updated Growth Target would be stepping more out of my comfort zone (oil and acrylic pieces) and test out new medias such as watercolor, clay, etc.


My art career at Mercy High has taught me many things that I can carry into my future. It has taught me to take risks and to step out of my comfort zone. If I hadn't learned to do these two things, I wouldn't have accomplished half of the things I did. Something I realized throughout this process was that I lacked confidence in coming up with new ideas, or about my pieces in general. I have been able to catch myself in this bad habit and push myself to step further out of my comfort zone every day, which is something that will come in handy in every aspect of life.

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