Investigating the Properties of Water By: Christina Loberti and Jaclyn Gagnon

The property of cohesion is when water molecules stick together. During the penny lab experiment, cohesion was demonstrated as water droplets were placed on the penny, and then combined as one. One large dome-shaped droplet formed on the penny and grew as more water was added to it.

This is cohesion, water droplets stick together on a penny. They stick to each other, creating a dome shape.

When the surface tension of the dome breaks, the water molecules spread out, and lose their dome shape.

The surface tension that was shown on the penny was broken, and the molecule lose their previous shape of a dome.

Adhesion is the property of water in which water molecules stick to other objects. When water is placed on wax paper, it does not dissolve through it. Instead, you can move the water around as it sticks to the paper.

Adhesion is shown here because the water droplets stick together.

Cohesion and adhesion can also be represented by different forms in nature. For example, when it rains, water can be left on leaves and stick to it. This is an example of adhesion. If the water molecules stuck together on the leaf as well, cohesion would be being preformed.

Adhesion is shown here as the water molecules stick to the leaf. Cohesion would be preformed if the water droplets stuck together on the leaf and stuck together with each other as well.

Water is a polar substance, which means that the molecules have one positive charge on the end, and on the other, there is a negative charge. Polar molecules also dissolve other polar molecules. Therefore, salt is polar, as it can be dissolved in water.

Salt is a polar substance because it can dissolve in water.

Since water is polar, it dissolves other polar molecules. Oil is not polar because it does not dissolve when put in water. Therefore, oil is a non-polar substance for this reason.

Oil is not a polar substance, as it is shown to not dissolve.
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