A Walk in Someone Else's Shoes! Bailey Zuniga

"Theres an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes." -Forrest Gump

The lovely, Sabrina Tonino!

Nike's 80€ // nike.com

Sabrina loves to stay comfortable and that can be seen in her choice of shoes, nike running shoes. Her style reflects her personality quite perfectly with her love for exploring Italy and reading she is always dressed for comfort.

The One and Only Stuart Hoover

Vans Sk8 80€ // vans.com

Stuart's fun, outgoing, and adventurous personality can be seen up above, but also in the way he walks around in his vans. The Vans Sk8 have enough uniqueness and style that he can wear them with every outfit. They are a perfect fit for Stuart and his many adventures throughout Europe!

Sweeter than Honey, Franny Kyle

Birkenstocks 75€ // birkenstock.com

Franny's choice of the snake skin Birkenstocks shows off her style and personality perfectly. She is the sweetest, most caring person you will meet whom has a love for adventure and the unknown. Her style is always ready to go out for drinks and for comfort in a cute way. She wanted the comfort of the Birkenstocks, but also a unique spin on them.

Dancing in the Rain, Adelyn Chiang!

NLY 38€ // nelly.com

Growing up in San Francisco, Adelyn loves the rain and it doesn't phase her one bit. Her NLY rain boots are perfect for rainy days in San Francisco and Reggio Emilia. Adelyn has a love for beauty in the smallest and simplest things, her style and shoes reflect who she is and the ability for her to dance in the rain.

Sweet, Sweet Elaine Williams!

American Eagle 127€ // ae.com

Elaine's fun, loving personality can be seen in her smile and her shoes. The black bootie with the hint of brown shows that she is a very warm and comfortable person to be around. Elaine's style is very simple and cute!

The Kid at Heart, Katrina DiCesare!

Steve Madden 90€ // stevemadden.com

Katrina's simple black bootie is perfect for days in the park, which she loves very much and for any other occasion. The simple shoe is good for her to pair with any outfit that she is feeling for that day or night.

Sweet and Sassy, Edith Camacho!

Adidas 90€ // Foot Locker

Edith's love for the Italian culture and style can be seen in her shoes and outfits. She bought the adidas here, in Reggio Emilia, after seeing how cute they were on people around her. Her sassiness can be seen in the black of the shoes and her black leather jacket.

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Kasper

Dr. Martens 100€ // drmartens.com

Lizzy's purple boots ( and colored face) show that she does not lead a dull life. She holds lots of color and laughter throughout her, that can be seen in the unique color choice of boots. Also, by simply noticing the face paint on her face, she is not scared to step out of her comfort zone.

Free-spirited, Jacklyn Giampa!

Store Unknown

Jacklyn's unique style and one of a kind personality can be seen in her leather boots and the green pants. She is not afraid to where what she wants and always looks like she didn't have to try too hard either. Her boots are simple and tough, good for anything she plans to conquer.

Stylish and Sweet, Bianca Persechino!

20€ // Venice

Bianca's shoes were bought while she was exploring Venice and got them for a cheap price. Her love for traveling, fashion and Italy led her to find these cute shoes. They fit her sense of style and are good for wether she is going out or to class!

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