Caffeine Galore at Gainesville, florida

Pascal's Coffeehouse

Right across the street from Buckman Drive, Pascal's Coffeehouse is one of the nearest coffee shops to the University of Florida campus. This place is always filled with students from their opening time at 8 am to closing at 10 pm. People seem to enjoy the coziness of its couches and warm surrounding colors. One thing Pascal's has gained great recognition for is the hospitality of its baristas; service is usually fast and the staff is always very friendly. Its second floor contains shelves filled with a wide range of books to choose from. Additionally, it tends to play mellow music, giving the shop an overall relaxing atmosphere.

Maude's Cafe

If you're looking for an outdoor setting to study in, Maude's is the place to be. Located in the heart of Downtown Gainesville, Maude's terrace tends to be filled with students day and night. The outside is more for socializing while the inside is more on the quiet side. The inside also offers a variety of board games to choose from if you want to have a casual hangout with your friends. It also has plenty of outlets for studying, something students tend to be very content with. Lastly, the restaurant has gained recognition for its vegan and organic selection of food.

Volta Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

If your ambiance type is less on the cozy, warm-colored side and more on the sleek, spacious side, you might enjoy visiting Volta Coffee, Tea & Chocolate. Also located in Downtown, Volta is perhaps the most modern-looking shop of them all. One thing that makes it stand our from regular coffee shops is that it offers a wide selection of chocolate bars to choose from. It has gotten great reviews for selling amazing chocolate (other than high quality coffee and tea). It also sells freshly ground coffee from world famous coffee producers like Honduras and Ecuador. Whether you like sitting inside or outside, this place has both!

Curia on the Drag

If you consider yourself an artsy person who takes pleasure in aesthetic atmospheres, Curia on the Drag is an absolute must for you. With beautifully painted walls and beautifully designed roofs, The Drag's cool shooting spots attracts many photographers. For coffee lovers, the coffee quality is great and the baristas are very attentive. For people that are 21 and up, the place has a large selection of beer and wine to choose from. And for vegans, right across the street from The Drag is a popular vegan restaurant that is owned by the same person. The restaurant has a backyard playground with slides, swings, and even an old abandoned bus that has been beautifully painted. Clearly, all age ranges are welcome to this coffeehouse!

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