Ed Foundation at Franklin Elementary

We are part of an amazing school district!

Despite the fact that California continues to rank toward the bottom in per-pupil funding among the 50 states, our children thrive here at Franklin Elementary every day!

The amazing education they receive is only possible because of the joint funding from the District, the Santa Monica Education Foundation, and our Franklin School PTA.

Both the Santa Monica Education Foundation and the Franklin School PTA need your support and donations to continue assuring the academic success and the future of each of our children.

Donations to the PTA fund technology upgrades and maintenance, classroom and physical education supplies, grounds and beautification, class activities and field trips, library support, non-district supported items and maintenance, support for campus organizations, and other important items.

Donations to the Ed Foundation fund staff and programs for your child and all children in our Santa Monica public schools.

Your child’s weekly P.S. ARTS classes, the Instructional Assistants, the additional books and materials for our library, the recorders for the 3rd graders, the ballroom dance for 5th graders, and the 5th grade culmination music are all made possible by your donations to the Ed Foundation. More specifically the amazing Franklin stretch grant brings the STAR Science program and allows Franklin to have a Health Office Specialist each day of the week.

An investment in the Ed Foundation is an investment in our school

PS Arts Class

From K to 5th, the P.S. ARTS program makes the arts come alive for Franklin children. Teaching artists (all practicing artists with advanced degrees) strive to foster students’ creativity and academic success. P.S. ARTS brings learning in visual arts, theater and music to Franklin students on a weekly basis.

P.S. ARTS hosts Open Class Informances where students share the work that they have made and the knowledge and skills they have gained. Franklin also has its K-2 Music Informances towards the end of the school year, which are a hit for students and parents alike!

STAR Science Program

What four things do plants need to grow? Franklin kindergartners answered this question with the help of their STAR Science instructor. The plant lab was part of the unit on Life Sciences and included a plant dissection.

STAR Science is partly funded by the stretch grant from the Ed Foundation to Franklin.

Instructional Assistants

There are 12 Instructional Assistants at Franklin. Overall, Instructional Assistants bring down the teacher-to-student ratio in classrooms. They are trained at facilitating small group instruction and work in partnership with teachers to adapt instruction to multiple student levels. It’s complicated but they make it look easy!

Support for Instructional Assistants at Franklin is funded 100% by your donations to the Ed Foundation.

Library Books & Material

There are many ways to support our library.

Have you seen that big blue bin along Montana Ave in front of Franklin? Mr. Tse, our school librarian, encourages you to donate your books, DVD and CDs whose value is used via the Ed Foundation to support our SMMUSD libraries. Franklin benefits from your donations to the blue bin.

Our library is also generously supported by our PTA and the District.

Donating to the Ed Foundation

Let's all show how much we care about what the Ed Foundation brings to our Franklin School and donate today. ANY amount is appreciated because the higher our school's participation the more likely the Santa Monica Education Foundation can secure financial participation from corporate partners.

Contact your Franklin Ed Foundation chairs:

Visit the Santa Monica Education Foundation website:

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