Fig tree, excuses & adding teammates part #1

I know, this is a weird image, but bear with me. There is a link between recruiting and discovering people's gifts and fig trees.

Jesus answered, "I saw you while you were still under the fig tree. I saw you there before Philip called you." John 1:48

Here starts the story of recruiting. But first, start by reading John 1: 35-51.

Seriously, read it :)

No, really, you have to start by reading that. Come on, go for it :)

This passage is basically the beginning of Jesus' disciples story.

It all started with one person that talks and invites: Andrew.

There are a few quick lessons to learn for this story.

So, have you read John 1: 35-51?

The fig tree is funny in this story because Jesus uses it to tell Nathanael (v 50) that his previous excuse (v. 46) was a bogus one.
  • "Nazareth? Can anything good come from there?" Nathanael was asking Philip. "Come and see" was his answer.

And this story is all about recruiting people. In this case, Jesus' first disciples...who were John the Baptist's disciples!

About recruiting people
  • It takes one person to start the chain of reaction of offering them a chance to make a difference: in this case, John presents Andrew to Jesus (v37)
  • Andrew was "entrusted" to give the good news of the new found messiah: you are entrusted to tell the good news of Jesus in your ministry environment (ME)! (v40)
  • Andrew goes to his brother, Simon Peter first. You can start recruiting and sharing ht good news of ministry by going to people very close to you (family) (v41)
  • Andrew and Simon went to their village and found Philip(v44). Go to your village to talk about your M.E.: small group partners, family friends, people from your neighborhood, etc.
  • People will have excuses NOT TO serve, like Nathanael, or Nate like I call him (v46)
Here's what Andrew, Simon Peter and Philip did to "recruit"
  • They talked about what they found, the messiah, the long awaited one, in their case. You can talk about what you found in your M.E.: friends, co-workers in ministry, a team, etc.
  • They talked about their experience. You, for instance, talk about the blessings of giving, of fanning the flame of serving, kids singing and learning, hi fiving, etc.
  • They talked who Jesus was. You can mention what your M.E. is all about: a fun, secure Christ-centered environment where people are pointed to Jesus.
  • They invited people, "come and see" attitude, no pressure. You can do the same, "come and see" what we do, "come and see" for yourself.
The fig tree was Jesus' link to bring Nate on board. So, what fig tree analogy will you use to bring people on board to serve with you, to follow you on your team?

Having written this, people will be like Nathanael and have reasons not to serve, it is what we will call "Nazareth excuses"

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