Raymond Ancient Civilization

The Trojan Horse was a weapon used in the 10 year war by the Greeks and the war was between Greece and Troy

The ballistic a weapon used by the Greeks and the Romans and was made around 400 BC.

People in this Colosseum were watching gladiators fight each other for the enjoyment of the people of Rome.

The spartan helmet was used in Greece for the Spartans just one of the pieces used for their Armour.

Roman Chariots were used for racing, circuses, and triumphal processions also some animals would be leading like horses,dogs, and ostriches.

Welcome to Ancient China this is the great wall designed by Emperor Qin but the slaves of china were forced to build it the time it took to build the Great Wall was around 2000 years.

The dragon of china was a myth used to tell a fantasy in China by warriors.

The Roman Temples had many purposes and there are many of them in Rome an example of what they were used for was to worship native gods.

The Chinese kite was made out of wood and cloth and created from 475 to 221 B.C and made by Lozi and Lu Ban and there are many types of animal desogns on kits as well.

Moving to Ancient Egypt the Pyramids they were all different sizes and used by the Egyptians for tomb for their queens and Pharaohs.


Created with images by Tama Leaver - "Steampunk Trojan Horse?"

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