Eatonville,Florida Tavion L. A1

Eatonville is a black town in America possesses a rich traditional culture and is integrally related to the African-American traditional culture that has endured there through generations. they have dancer's to celebrate their culture and have different fun events.
Eatonville mostly make soul food cause its there favorite dish to make and its easy too. But soul food is the biggest part of there culture and what wear most of the time.
Eatonville has a event where you walk an matron around the neighborhood with kids supporting things about the wild fire.
There Language is Foreign the has a nick name for everything if someone name is Alicia they would say licia.
They have a restaurant called the landmark and that is mostly were they hangout and have fun and celebrate parties.
Eastonville was established by the council and According to that official source, the town is named after Josiah C. Eaton, one of a small group of white landowners who were willing to sell sufficient land to African Americans to incorporate as a black town.

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