Japan's Customs Japan's summative by yara maadarani

Feudalism is a big part of Japan's costume. Feudalism is the social ranking of japan. Feudalism gives each rank jobs, clothing, basically the way of life. The ranks give something to the people and get something. For example the peasants give food and labor, for that the samurai give them protection. If one of the ranks quits or revolts the whole systems falls apart. This helps society because each social class gets what they need and help their kingdom in their way. Without Feudalism there would be no order . The people would struggle because they are missing the resoucers they got form the deal they had with other types of people around them.

Another one Japan's customs are the samurai. Samurai are the warriors of Japan. Samurai are trained to fight and defend Japan. Samurai are trained with many weapons such as swords bow-and-arrow or daggers in case their sword snaps into 2. Their number 1 weapon will always be their sword though. A samurai also knows how to ride a horse. They are trained to use a spear so they can knock someone off their horse with it. Samurai number one thing is to defend their daimyo. They will do anything for daimyo. The daimyo is their leader.They also have to keep their loyalty to their daimyo and their honor. In a war Instead of surrendering they will kill themselves to keep their honor. A samurai keeps society running, by protecting the people of Japan and offering protection to the peasants so they will keep offering food and labor. Without it the enemies would attack and no one would have protection. Also the peasants would revolt due to the lack of protection.

The last Japanese custom I will be talking about is literature. Literature is all over Japan. To entertain some people might Recite a poem. Poetry was concerned beautiful. Everyone was excepted to be skillfull at coming up with beautiful poetry. Everyone should be able to come up with at least a few lines of poetry to fit the occasion. If you can't everyone will will notice the failure. It helped Society because it kept people from memorizing things and being able to save them for centuries. It was safer to write things than to memorize them for centuries. It is safe to save stories from past to give to the new generations as morals stories, lessons, and history. Without they would have to memorize everything. If the person memorize passed away all the things he had in his head would be gone.


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