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Welcome to the Student Experience. Oftentimes, the work that goes on behind the scenes, between and after the bell rings, goes unseen by the community. Educators and staff across PSD make concerted and careful efforts to create the conditions in which students learn through personalized experiences at any PSD school. What they experience doesn’t happen by magic.

We’re showing you how PSD is connecting students to their passions through in-depth stories with students. But how is this happening? Watch these stories and find out what our teachers and administrators are doing to create a great student experience.


For Tanner, football is more than a game. Despite two shoulder injuries, Tanner put in the work to compete at a high level for Fossil Ridge High School and will play for Colorado State University next year. Watch his story of how football is an integral part of his Student Experience.


"I wanted to really make a difference for these kids ... to open a door and instill hope for someone and say that this could change their lives." There is so much talent in Putnam Elementary School's Girls Who Code Club! The future is bright. #PSDStudentExperience #PSDproud


Your ears are in for a treat with this one! Students at Polaris Expeditionary Learning School wrote original songs during their intensive week. As part of the culminating event for the intensive week, students performed their songs for 3rd graders in the Polaris library before going on to perform them at a local music venue later that night. Students were also helped along in their songwriting process by local musicians who volunteered their time to help students with lyrics, melodies and overall song structure.


Graduation is a huge milestone for any student, but at Centennial High School diplomas carry extra meaning. For various reasons, many of these students thought they would never finish high school. But they caught their vision and stuck it out, even when it was hard. This school has a special tradition known as Stairway Graduation to honor its students as they complete school. Watch this video to share their special moment. Congratulations, Disco Warriors!


"The student experience is everything. It's not just academics. It's not just getting a good grade on a test. It's the experiences they have with their peers and friends. "We are so proud of these students for supporting each other and working to strengthen our community. See their incredible #PSDStudentExperience here:


We want each and every one of our students to feel empowered to succeed, even if they haven't always had a smooth path.Justine, featured in this video, is brilliant, tough, and hard working. She remains a dedicated student even as she balances her role as a single mom. We are so proud of you, Justine! Please join us in wishing her continued success! #PSDStudentExperience #PSDproud

The best thing we can do for our students is celebrate them for who they are now as well as the person they want to become. That means giving them whatever we can to help them achieve their dreams. Webber Middle School student Trey is flourishing creatively thanks to his own hard work, his educators and even a PSD grad who was in his shoes not so long ago. See his #PSDStudentExperience here:

2018-2019 Student Experience Stories

This video makes us want to hit the road on two wheels! 🚲😎🌞 Safe Routes to School is an amazing program that teaches kids how to get around town safely on their bikes. See how the team at Boltz Middle School made sure all students could enjoy the ride! #EveryChildEveryDay #PSDProud

Today, an Eyestone Elementary School fifth grader. Tomorrow, a space geologist. Carter Harrison’s #PSDStudentExperience has meant learning beyond the classroom. He’s searched for and identified different types of rocks in Northern Colorado, studied the distance between the planets, and this fall, he got to talk to Poudre High School alumna Serena Auñón-Chancellor while she was aboard the International Space Station. Students need to feel inspired and supported as they chase their dreams. We are so happy to see Carter pursuing his ambitions, and we can’t wait to see what he does next. Shoot for the moon, Carter.

Brad Avery, Assistant Principal at Poudre School District Global Academy

Brendan Gallagher, TV Production teacher at Fossil Ridge High School

Sarah Freemyer, science teacher at Lesher, an IB World Middle School

Rosie Navejas, Kindergarten teacher at Harris Bilingual Elementary

Joe Gawronski, Principal at Polaris Expeditionary Learning School

The creative process is about so much more than the final piece. It’s about problem solving, adapting and being flexible with ideas and searching for ways to innovate with tools and materials. As we prepare students for success in a changing world, we know these creative problem-solving skills and ability to create unique ideas will be invaluable to them, no matter what professional path they choose. Julia has found tremendous growth through her artistic endeavors and engaging with the creative process. We are so proud to share her #PSDStudentExperience with you.

When PSD identifies students as being gifted, our educators develop a learning plan for them designed to help them excel academically and flourish emotionally and socially. These learning plans play to students’ passions and strengths and can include mentorship opportunities, college visits and book studies, to name a few.

These students, like Adarsh, work hard every day to reach new heights. At PSD, we stand beside them and work to help them go above and beyond. You don't want to miss his #PSDStudentExperience.

Inspired by her own experience, Kayla wants to be a doctor who truly cares about patients and makes a difference in their lives. She's making real progress towards that goal right now through her PWR Internship at Poudre Valley Hospital.

Every year, PSD identifies about 1,000 students who lack fixed, regular and adequate housing. Some of these students also live without a custodial parent or guardian. These students, like Patrick, strive to achieve their best every single day, and at PSD we stand beside them and work to remove any barriers that might be in their way. We are so proud of you, Patrick.

Casey is a sophomore at Poudre High School. He's taking crop and soil science classes during the day and coming home and applying what he's learned to work on his family's farm. Watch his story.


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