GloFish By: Ainsley Tabor

First created by a partnership between Yorktown Technologies, Segrest Farms, and 5-D tropical, the GloFish is quickly becoming a home aquuarium staple. The organism's main selling point: the fish appear normal in regular light, but glow in neon colors when exposed to black light. How did they achieve this trait? The scientists in the partnership took the tropical zebra fish and paired it with green flourcent genes from jellyfish to create their green and yellow colored fish and the red flourcent genes from a sea anemone for their pink/red colored fish. These fish may seem like a silly use of GMO technology. However, these fish were desgined specifically for home aquarium use and have been becoming best sellers throughout the nation.

The green flourcent pigment found in jellyfish allowed reasearchers to created zebra fish that glow green and yellow when used in different quantities.

Pros vs. Cons of GMO's


  1. Creates temperature/weather resistant organisms
  2. Creates disease resistant organisms
  3. Creates crops with greater yield sizes
  4. Creates better tasting and looking foods
  5. Lowers produce/food costs


  1. GMO's can escape into the environment and cause havoc in the areas ecosyesten
  2. The long term effects of eating GMO's isn't yet known
  3. GMO's crops are expensive to grow, meaning that lower income countries don't have enough money to grow these crops
  4. Allergies may be activated if one organism is crossed with an allergen and isn't labeled correctly.

The red/pink colored GloFish is the newest color available. They created this color by splicing a tropical zebra fish with genes from a flourcent sea anemone

In my personal opinion, GMOs should be used more widely in today's world. These genetically modified organisms hold possibilities to solve many of the world's hunger and crop problems. These organisms can be engineered to withstand drought, storms and disease. With GMOs, speciality crops can be grown all around the world, meaning the cost of produce would lower and the global food supply would increase. GMOs can also create better tasting, looking, and healthier foods. This is great for the consumer as well as the local farmer, who's wages will increase with demand for his better tasting crops. When I compare and contrast GMO production versus regular crop traits, to me there is a clear winner. GMOs are the future's new superheroes.


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