High Places Day 4 - Capilano Suspension bridge

The Totems

Like most of Canada, British Columbia was home to many Native Americans. The Native Americans were very integrated into nature and therefore had a strong connection to the animals that cohabited the forest with them. The totems, which basically means kinship, have many animals that show the connection the tribal community had with nature. Before going over the suspension bridge, there are many totems to give one a taste of this particular Native American cultural practise.


The Bridge

After the totems, we headed to the suspension bridge. This is the original attraction and really it is still the most interesting part of the park. Nothing beats the feeling of being suspended over a high place by a couple of wires. It is extremely safe, but your mind always tells you a slightly different story.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Calm Pools

Although this is another tourist trap, it did offer pools and bird attractions which made it seem less like a large crowd forcing their way to see the next sight.

Taking A Break

Tree Top Walk

In The Trees

Another interesting, although crowded, attraction was the tree top walk. It is a series of walk ways going from tall tree to tall tree in the forest. I must admit, it would be a lot more intriguing if wasn't wall to wall people on the walk.

Tree Top Walk

Cliff Walk

The cliff walk was the final attraction for the day. Like the tree top walk, it was a bit crowded. It did, however, provide some interesting sights and some rather high exposed views for a little bit of excitement.

Cliff Walk
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