global warming by, Tobin

What is global warming?

Earth's temperature is rising fast. The average temp has risen over 0.5°C and by 2050 it will rise 0.2°C soon.The arctic ice sheets are melting and more severe droughts, forest fires, storms and floods are occurring all over the world. Forests are dying and animals are confused, as they cannot keep up with the fast changes in the weather patterns. But who started it?

We produce a lot of pollution each year

What causes global warming?

We live in a greenhouse. The sun's ray come to the earth. The life on earth absorbs some of that energy. So it sends it back to space. But the atmosphere catches some of it and heats the world. That is called the greenhouse gases. But humans are producing more greenhouse gas than the effect needs. But why should we care?

Carbon emissions polluting our skies

How does it affect us?

Global warming might seem fine to some of us, but actually it's horribly important to stop. Each year Earth's Temperature rises a little bit more. That could melt ice shelfs and the hole Arctic circle! If that happens the whole ocean could rise 10 or more feet! That would flood a lot! But do we need to be doing this?

Yep, we are doing this

Do we really need it?

Well not really, our lives would be easier with these gases but keep in mind that they are very harmful. We can also just use things called solar panels. The absorb the sun’s energy and use it as a power source. They are usually cheap and help the environment a lot. So that’s not the only way to help the planet.

Use this not earth!

How can we solve it?

Solar panels! You can use solar panels to make energy. You can also use wind mills, wind mills use the wind. You may just want to recycle. Recycling can make something new without using to much energy. So you can start helping the world right now!

yay green planet!
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