Fallen Humanity Nikki barbour

Fallen humanity

Lust: indulging ones sexual desires while treating oneself or someone else as an object rather than a person

Original sin

Original sin is the sin by which our first parents disobeyed God's commandment, choosing to follow their own will instead of God's will.


Shame is the distress and tension created by treating another person, or being treated as a mere object for use rather than as a gift to be honored or loved.


It is a disorder in our desires that inclines us toward sin. It stems from the disobedience of first sin. It's temptation.

Eros- Romantic or sexual desire for a person of the opposite sex

Ethos- That which corresponds to true moral or ethical values

Our Hearts

The human heart has often become a battlefield between love and lust. God wants us to give ourselves as gifts to one another in a relationship, not as objects

Conflict rupture in human relationships

The fellowship the couples enjoyed with one another is also broken by sin. When God questions Adam, he replies by quickly pointing the finger at his wife

They felt shame for their nakedness

The story of Adam and Eve is a portrayal of how sin can cause disorder or corruptness in someone's life or the lives of many. However, we cannot undo what has been done; we can only move forward and learn from our mistakes and that of others.

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