PS5 vs Xbox Series X By Farhad Yazdani

After waiting nearly seven years, we are finally being introduced to the brand new generation of consoles. These consoles are coming out with fantastic things like incredible specs, new games, and back tracing of their gaming catalogues. These consoles are truly the real deal but the question is which one is better?

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System Specs:

The specs of both of these systems are very similar but do have some differences that will make changes in your gaming performance. They are also a lot better than the last gens specs.

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Differences Between The Systems:

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The three main differences in the systems are the GPU, CPU, and storage all are in favor for the Xbox.

The first difference is that both consoles come with an 8 core CPU, but the Xbox's is slightly faster clocking in T 3.8GHZ.

The second difference is the consoles GPU's are pretty much the same, but the Xbox's is still slightly faster with 52 cuda cores compared to the PS5's 36.

The final and biggest difference between the two is the Xbox has 1tb of storage, while the PS5 only has 825gb which is a pretty big difference.

Are Old Games Playable on The New Systems?

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The PS5 and Xbox series X have adapted into game merging with their new consoles. Both consoles have found a way to make previous generation console games. So if you have any old games from your PS4 or Xbox One, save them because they will be playable on these new systems.

New Games on Both Consoles:

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The new consoles will feature a number of brand new games that aren't available on the previous generation. Here are some of the big games that are on both consoles: FIFA 21, Madden 21, 2k21, Watch Dogs Legion, and Borderlands 3. Exclusive to the PS5 include Fall Guys and Turismo 7. There is only one game exclusive to the Xbox Series X and that is Tetris Effect.

Release Days:

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The Xbox Series X is set to release on Nov. 10th, 2020 while the PS5 is set to release on Nov. 12th, 2020.

In Conclusion:

Both of these systems are very similar and both consoles will deliver pretty much the same gaming experience. So when you decide on buying either system you should just decide which console works better for you. However, if you are deciding if its worth upgrading your PS4 or Xbox 1 to the newer models it is 100% worth it. These new consoles absolutely blow the old ones out of the water and are great value consoles. Overall, both of these systems are great and whichever one you choose is up to you.