Topaz Jones Lyric video

The entire video is an experiences of a couple's journey to LA, and around LA (Topaz and girl). Each scene takes place during sunrise, or sunset. The video consist of a variety of wide shots to explore the essence of being lost within large landscapes. Looking to achieve a cinematic aesthetic of a title sequence. Extremely Large white text will mimic the Hollywood sign, and also miniaturize their car.

Sometimes the camera will be a POV from the plane and car. His reflection is slightly showing through on the airplane's window. Very subtle, but will be more noticeable when it's moving. "Get a 1 way"

There will be abstract elements scattered throughout the landscapes. Such as transparent mountains, and surreal sunsets. These elements will illuminate to the music and lyrics.

I want to keep the camera motion going right, while the couple travels left (west). Slow scrolls that cut to varying landscapes. Lots of match cuts of their vehicle remaining in a similar position as the previous scene, so that it appears continuous.

However there's a duality between the fantasy of their getaway, and some of the realities of LA. There are small Bush fires surrounding Hollywood, and traffic jams illustrated throughout. The aim is to juxtapose the positives and negatives, but always remain uplifting and beautiful. Never want to steer too far from the overall vibe of the song.

by far the busiest scene. The majority of the video will have a lots of breathing room.

The chorus and other accents that are song in the background will be portrayed with thin text. A slight gradient will flash through the lyrics as they are being sang (elegant karaoke). The sun will slowly rotate out of alignment with the sky.


Created By
Anthony Esquivel


photos by: getty

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