Being 15 in Austria by: Jacy Werner

Austria has a small population of 8 million people. 58.9% less people are living in poverty compared to the U.S. Austria is located in Europe. 32.9% less people are unemployed compared to the U.S. It consist of many mountains and many resorts to ski and snowboard. Shares border with Switzerland. Austria is considered to be a small country. (United States compared to Austria)

Being 15 in Austria is stressful yet full of opportunity, because of pressure from school and academic success

Being 15 in Austria. it is stressful to meet the mandatory requirement to stay and participate in school for 9 years and to try to be successful in your academic career.

Austria can be very stressful to reach the academics success and to maintain academic responsibilities. (Education)
In Austria, it is mandatory for kids to participate in the schools academic responsibilities. Kids must be in a mandatory 9 years of education. Teens push themselves to do well and succeed in there academic responsibilities. Most Austrian family's make and produce there own food and it can be very hard and stressful when that year is a bad year for farming and they may have to spend money they don't have on buying food to feed there family's. (Austria)(Education)
These reasons represent the criteria because all of the reasons cause stress in Austrians life. Stress can be caused by many things but these are the main reasons why it can cause stress to be a 15 year old living in Austria.
Yet, being 15 in Austria can be full of opportunity because of academic success and all the outdoor activities.
Kids and teens have major opportunities for there future because of how good the education is in Austria. Austrian education system is free so all kids and teens can participate and have a opportunity for a good job in the future. Austrian kids take any opportunity they can to go outside and explore which is very important because they learn about responsibility and get to learn and experience what they love to do. (The way of Life)(Education)
This represents the criteria because being a kid in Austria has so many opportunity for the future and the ability to be outside doing what they love can help them manage all the stress that the responsibility can resemble.
In conclusion, Being 15 in Austria has its positives and negatives. It has a lot of stress because of the pressure to do well and to succeed in there academic responsibilities but also has lots of opportunity's because of the academic success and the ability to be outdoors where ever and when ever they can.
Through this process, by making a connection, I understand that me and the kids in Austria share many passions.
We both share a love and a passion for being outdoors. Me and the kids in Austria want to achieve academic success through academics. (The way of life)
This represents the criteria because we both share passions and interest for many things including being outdoors and academic success.
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