Spring Break in Ausralia By: Jessica Charleston

This is a photo of the water fountain sitting in the front of The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, Australia I took this photo because I saw the beauty of the water flying partially on the wind as it heads to the right. I also took this photo because I noticed that it stood perfectly where I would like it in my photo. So, I changed my position: took a few steps back, and bend down to get the fountain exactly where I wanted it. The sunlight, at the time, shined perfectly upon this area so I took this photo at the right time.
This is the park near The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, Australia. As I was walking down this pathway in the park, I put on my "glasses" for which I used when I am looking for lines. I noticed after a while that what I was looking for was not in the path that lay perfectly in front of me, but in fact the grassy fields (in this area) or the trees. When I noticed I immediately got to my knees and took a shot, focusing on the lines.
Before I took this shot, I sat breathless on the bench after a hike along the edges of Dove, Lake. This location can be found in Tasmania, Australia: Cradle mountain. Anyways, I sat on the bench catching my breath and I noticed that I never took any shots that involved lines. So, I lay facing down on the bench to take this unique shot. (Well, I think this is unique because I've never seen anyone take a picture of a bench this way.)

When I was taking this photo, I was getting as low as I can. I know I've been doing lots of down low perspectives, however, in this photo, I've gotten as low as I could to get this shot. I got the little details of the road on a parking lot.

As you most likely know, I don't really have variety in my photos. This is because I would like to work on finding guiding lines. After doing research, I learned that lines could enhance the photos mood, power and emotion. That is my aim in the photos that I take when I try to use lines.

As I've said, I've been hiking on Cradle Mountain. During this long walk, we've come across a forest addressed as: Ballroom Forest. Wondering abouts this area, I have analyzed my surroundings carefully. I noticed lots of different shapes and sized of objects that we can't find here in Qatar. Long tall forest trees, small colorful fungi and mushrooms, eroded/crumbled rocks, calm puddles, etc. The point is, there is a lot to explore in a forest and one photo that can capture it all.

Your On my walk I've noticed long and tall trees that have blocked the sunlight to the forest floor, but sometimes some sunlight can leak through. That is exactly what I found.
"Sometimes a photo doesn't need to have a point of interest" - Ms.Preist
Exploring the city of Melbourne, Australia was what I was doing when I took this photo. When I was standing where I was in this photo I can to realize that I was standing in a perfect place for a rule of 3rds photo. The motorbike on the left side of the picture is on a rule of thirds line, and facing the right. To add to that, the pavement on the right is a guiding line. Both line and object guide the eye naturally.
Dove Lake.

While walking on the edge of dove lake, I happen to notice how calm the water was. The water seemed to have reflected the surrounding surfaces. As the path lead closer to the water I noticed the color of the water changed as well. I'm not sure why this strange phenomenon occurred.

On the streets of a city, you must have come across an alleyway. Haven't you? Anyways, that's not the point. What I'm trying to say is, I love lines. In a photo, of course. I must have said this in the past, but I wanted to show this one because I love this photo. "oh, thats a good one" my family say. But thats not what I wanted them to say, that mood they have while looking at this picture is not at all what I wanted them to feel. If I had to elaborate on this image, to say anything at all, I wanted them to see that path. The surrounding wall. They all have leading lines to one destination in this image. A light. The words of this picture are: No matter how dark things may seem, good is always on the other side. The emotion I want you to feel should change as you look at this photo, from worry, to relief.

The bottom two photos are of photos I made and did some experimenting with my camera: changed modes, tried different angles, etc.

The reason why I have a large photo at the top (which I technically did not make) is because I had lines. Guiding lines, but I know this is not the best picture because there isn't really a focal point.

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