Goals Danielle collinwood

Career Goal (s)- I want to become a RN (registered nurse) (m)- It will cost me 85$ to register for the class as a high school student (a)-The ATC professor, the register for the class, have transportation to get to the ATC, counselor to help me plan for the class (r)- I need to put in the time to study so I can pass the class, I need someone who I can shadow to see how I actually apply this job, I need a clinic to work in once I have received my license (t)- I can register for this class in May and I would be done with it by the end of August 2017

Family Goals- (S) I want to visit my cousin this summer in her home in Colorado (M)- It will cost me about 100$ in gas to get there and about 50$ in food for the trip (A)-I will need my car, A date when i can visit her, A place to stay when I get there, clothes for the trip, and an time when I will have to be home (R)- I will need to save my money so I can visit her, I need parent support, I need a date that works for me and her, I need advice for the trip (T)- I can visit her between July 1 through August 1 (sometime between then)

Financial (S)-I want to save 70% of the money I earn for college savings (M)- I will need to only spend 30% of my earnings on the things I want in the moment (A)- I will need a bank account, a regular check with a regular paying job, I will need a debit card and a checking account (R)- I will need more supervision at first to make sure I don't spend more than 30%, I will need to continue to receive wages and work hard at my job to earn more money, I will need to keep my money out of sight so it is easier to not spend (T)- I will start on it now until January 2018

Physical (S)- A goal I want to accomplish it to have at least 4 hours of exercise a week (M)- It will take me no money to accomplish this because I already have the cloths and the other resources and opportunities to be active (A)- I will need 4 hours a week set aside just for exercise, I will need a place to exercise even if it my own home, I will need the motivation to work out (R)- I will plan ahead of my week and set aside about 40 minutes a day to work out, I will find a friend to work out with so they can motivate me, I will have backup plans if my original plans to work out don't fit with my schedule. (T)- I will work on this from now till the start of summer on June 1st

Social (S)- I would like to be more involved in volunteer work at my local shelter (M)- It will cost me about 10 dollars a month or 120 a year for gas to drive to the shelter. (A)- I will need a car to get to the shelter, I will need to volunteer through some connection with the shelter, I will need some resources such as clothes that I can donate, I will need some time that i can give my full and undivided attention to this project (R)- I will need to continue to volunteer my time even after just one time, I will need to feel the desire to help, I will need to find people to serve at all times and not just during my volunteer hours (T)- I will work on this from now until the beginning of senior year in August 2017

Spiritual/ Emotional Health (S)- I will keep a journal about all of the positive things I see on a day to day basis. (M)- It will cost me about 7 dollars to buy a new notebook and pen (A)- I will need to set reminders so that I will remember to look for these things, I will need to always be looking for the good in my every day life even when I feel bad (R)- I will set a smaller goal to write in this notebook at least twice a week, I will let someone who I trust know that I am doing this so they can keep me on tract (T)- I will work on this goal from now until the end of this year as in December 2017


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