Values Into Action Response to COVID-19 Resource Guide

During this time of physical distancing, Values Into Action wanted to create a space where we can share information and resources with one another. As an organization, we believe in the power of community, and even in this time, we can stay connected to our communities, and most importantly to each other, VIRTUALLY!

The Resource Guide has been categorized for easy use. Scroll through and click the title of the section you'd like to visit.

Enjoy Exploring!

And please remember...as we continue to physically distance ourselves, we are all in this......


This Resource Guide was created in collaboration with all stakeholders of Values Into Action; working in partnership to stay connected while physically distancing. Organized & designed by Allison McGill.


Created with images by Petter Rudwall - "We arrived at Öland, the largest island in Sweden, just as the sun shine their last rays through the window and created this magic light. Hours later, a storm hit and changed to entire mood in the small cabin." • Morgan Lane - "explore all that the world has to offer..." • Gustavo Zambelli - "Balboa House" • Harry Cunningham - "Instagram: @harry.digital Model: @Sergio_snaps" • Tim Goedhart - "Out of everything optional, this one is least optional! This wall is found in the center of Amsterdam!" • Heather Barnes - "untitled image" • Steve Johnson - "untitled image" • Wes Hicks - "untitled image" • Shaun Low - "untitled image" • Vanessa Bucceri - "untitled image" • Emma Matthews Digital Content Production - "Letter Board Flat Lay" • Adi Goldstein - "Together Gratify"