Harn Museum of Art By: Annie braune

Art pictured left: Cundo Bermúdez / Reposo (Repose) /1991/ Silkscreen ; Art pictured right: Cundo Bermúdez / Cuarteto Habanero (Quartet from Havana) / 1991 / silkscreen

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:The pieces of art that i found striking were located in the Harn grandchildren foyer, in the art of cundo bermúdez exhibit. These pieces (pictured above) stuck out to me because they're very unique and unlike any thing else in the museum. i think seeing these pieces in person allowed me to see every little detail. since the pieces are both abstract like, the more you stare at them the more things you notice.

Art pictured Middle: AKIYAMA Yō / Japanese (b. 1953) / Pli Selon Pli / 2002 / Stoneware ; Art pictured right: WADA Akira / Japanese (b. 1978) / Infinite Pillars / 2009 / Porcelain, stone and steel

Design of the Museum:the exhibit that i thought was the most visually appealing was the David a. cofrin asian art wing and all of the asian collection. How the art was presented and the way that they used the space was interesting. there was a big open space as you walked in the room and all the art was placed up against the walls. i loved how the walkway as you walk in and the floor is wood. this was by far one of my favorite exhibits.

Top Right: Yvonne Jacquette / Motion Picture (Times Square) / 1989-1990 / 12 color lithography and silkscreen ; Bottom Left: Yvonne Jacquette / Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II / 1985 / Oil on canvas ; Bottom Right: Melanie Smith / Tiangis Aerial Reflex / 2003 / Chromogenic print

Art and Core Values: these pieces pictured above located in the S.F.I. Gallery in honor of Chauncey Stillman in the modern collection exhibit appealed to my core values. i tend to really love colorful and more abstract art, that is why i loved these pieces. One of my favorite things to do is travel, so seeing these pictures of how other people see different cities is so cool. My favorite out of these pieces is the aerial shot, it was a really neat way to be able to capture the city.

Left: Guerrilla Girls / Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met Museum? Update / 2012 / Print ; Right Top: Guerrilla Girls / 3 white women, 1 woman of color and no men of color - out of 71 artists? / 1997 / Print ; Right Bottom: Guerrilla Girls / Museums Cave in to Radical Feminists / 2008 / Print

Art and the Good Life: the exhibit that i thought reflected the good life is the guerrilla girls exhibit in the contemporary collection. I found this exhibit intriguing because every individual piece of art had a different message but they were all in relation to feminism. I really enjoyed this exhibit and loved reading all the prints.

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