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What is a Connected Educator?

Why connect?

What benefits might there be to connecting with other Educators?

Where to start?

Local Connections

Share a tip with your colleagues ...

You could share tech tips during a staff or team meeting, hold a techie brekkie or coffee chat. You could record an idea and share with others to spread the learning. Here are a couple of examples:

What next?

Grow your PLN

Outside of your own school, you might connect with others in your community. You could:

  • Attend or hold a Teachmeet
  • Find relevant webinars to extend your professional knowledge and practice
  • Create and/or participate in groups in the real world and online.

These connections will form your Professional Learning Network (PLN). One important online tool for connecting with other educators and professionals online is Twitter.

Connect on Twitter to learn from people outside of your physical space

Let's get ...


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