Artist Statement: I was inspired by food. I think that breakfast looks really delicious. In this painting, I used acrylic on a canvas board. I painted this by first sketching it out lightly in paint. Then I added shadows. After that, I painted on the real colors. I painted this because it's an obvious picture that anyone can connect to. Thus I created this with the intention to convey the deliciousness of food in a typical breakfast scene.
I was having an artist's block so I decided to do an abstract painting.
Artist Statement:
Final Choice Project 2017
Artist Statement: I was trying to emulate a painting by Joseph Kote. I like his casual, airy painting style and hope to move my art style in that direction. In his actual work, it looks like used used extremely thick layers of paint, perhaps with a palette knife. So to be economical, I painted my version normally with a paintbrush. Also, I have to extend the original painting a little because my canvas size is different. I had a lot of fun with this painting and I think I definitely got better at organizing the painting.

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