A Mile A Day

Exercise Guidelines

It is recommendations are at least 75 minutes a week or about 10 minutes a day when exercising. Research says that if you are taking an slow pace for the mile the average time should be 13 minutes. If taking an normal pace it should take 8 minutes to go an mile for both men and women. Your own weigh and your speed affect the number of calories you'll burn.



Running can help with heart disease and weight control. It helps shed those kilos. and research say that runners live five to seven years longer then non-runners. Running increases loading on the femur, boosting femoral bone mass density too. The last thing running do is to improve concentration and visual memory.


Running never something I enjoyed doing when I played sports. I always loved hitting the weights. Whenever I fun i would always think that the progress is so slow when you’re getting started. It would always take me awhile to get into the zone. After the first couple of days I started to get onto it more. Sometimes I get so into the music in my headphones that I completely forget I am running. That's the best thing. Also my stress would lessens whenever I have a good run.

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